My Response/Declaration Jim Clemente, Peter Clemente & Spencer Gordon’s restraining order against me





I, Morgain McGovern, hereby declare and state as follows; I am a pet caretaker, farmer, actor, writer and performer.


This is my statement in response to the temporary restraining order Spencer Gordon filed on behalf of his clients/employers, James T. Clemente (aka Jim Clemente, “Jim”) and Peter C. Clemente (“Peter”) on January 14th, 2019 I would like all RO’s with the Clementes & my relatives combined in one hearing if possible or the least amount of exposure to stress & trauma as possible. I am submitting my RO’s against them as my response as well as this statement and other evidence.


I submit this declaration in support of my own defense in connection with the false & defamatory statements that were made by Spencer Gordon (Gordon VS McGovern) & made towards/about me by Peter Clemente & Jim Clemente in the restraining order they filed fraudulently against me Jan 14th, 20190 after I filed restraining orders against Jim & Peter Clemente on Jan 11th, 2019.

I filed a separate against Spencer Gordon & that hearing is Feb 8 2019.

The facts set forth herein are of my personal knowledge and experiences with these people, relationships, associates, situations, legal documents & evidence, and I could and would truthfully testify if called upon as a witness.

I have RO’s filed against the Clementes & Spencer Gordon & they have filed and obtained a TRO against me, based on fraudulent information they gave to the courts in their declarations. I plan on filing RO’s against my sisters & a few of my relatives and my attackers & their relatives to get answers, safety & closure.

I’d like to combine as much as possible in one trial on Feb 1st and have attached evidence to prove that Mr. Gordon & the Clementes lied in their Declarations to obtain a fraudulent TRO against me.

I have severe anxiety and PTSD & Trauma issues & flashbacks from my assault & this new exploitation. I have been re-traumatized now by the GSK stories, Ben Stein on the media, my family’s harassment, Clemente’s lies & predatory behavior & assault, the unknown/conflicting/vague info law enforcement gave me, the exploitation, stalking, re-assault, fraud, the GSK media blitz & people trying to exploit me.

Everything that’s happened to me so far in this evil story has created severe trauma & anxiety & destroyed my life. I need answers & safety. Now.
I believe Peter & Jim Clemente used my sisters as their agents to attack, defraud, harass, stalk and exploit me.
I believe they have been exploiting me and defrauding me for a long time about my child sex crimes & case status and not sure how long my family & the Clementes have known the truth about Birch & Steve Davis.

Spencer Gordon lied in his RO statement on Jan 14th. He has met me before, he stalked and harassed me at Ben Stein’s RO hearing on Nov 9 2018 with Blair Berk and another man who refused to give me his name.
I do not know who they represent or were representing at Ben Stein’s RO hearing and they refused to give me their names or a card.

Only Blair Berk gave me a card. The Sheriff’s Deputy from Judge Dordi’s courtroom was a witness.

My restraining orders against them

Peter Clemente & Jim Clemente are Feb 1st.

McGovern VS Jim Clemente 19VER000081
McGovern VS Peter Clemente 19VER000082

FEB 1 2019 8:30 AM DEPT K ROOM 710




McGovern VS Gordon 19VER000096


I submit this declaration in support of my defense concerning the assault, stalking, fraud, exploitation, harassment, intimidation, tampering and disgusting behavior of Jim Clemente, Peter Clemente & Spencer Gordon, my family, and their associates & accomplices known and unknown regarding my child sex crime cases involving William Birch Davis, Stephen Dale Davis, Joesph James DeAngelo, Alex Ewing and their associates who frequented our homes in Northridge, California. My Ben Stein child sex crimes happened later in 1986.

I believe the Clementes & XG productions used my child rape & torture & sex crime stories & personal information for their own gain & income in the Golden State Killer story.
I have attached evidence to present to the courts regarding their outrageous defamatory statements and attacks & stalking of my life and exploitation of my child sex crimes for their own gain and financial interest.

Spencer Gordon and his clients filed and were granted a temporary restraining order against me (19VER000086) based on outrageous lies they told in their declarations in their restraining order filed against me.
Their declarations in the TRO that was granted against me are incorrect, false , misleading & fraudulent. I have attached evidence.

Judge Dordi should NOT have signed this TRO against me in the first place because Spencer Gordon lied about meeting me, he has met me before.
Jim & Peter Clemente also lied in their declarations. See attached evidence.
Mr. Gordon showed up to my restraining order hearing & harassed me at Ben Stein’s RO hearing with Blair Berk and another man who refused to give me his name so I nicknamed him “Mr Tight Pants”
They were in the courtroom on Nov 9th 2018 and I documented it verbally with Judge Dordi then, will get the transcripts for evidence.

Mr. Gordon states in his RO against me that he fears violence and this was AFTER he harassed ME repeatedly all that morning. I had to block him to stop him from harassing me. I have attached the texts and you can see the timeline.

Spencer Gordon’s behavior scares me.

I want a restraining order against him, the Clementes, all three of them.
I also a few restraining orders against my relatives and my three sisters. I will file those separately but I believe they all associate together I am not sure.

They are acting & acted towards me in a behavior that is predatory and scary towards me and I don’t want any of these people in my life or exploiting my child sex crime stories for their own gain.

I never want to see or hear from any of these people again except when I taking legal action against them for their fraud and assault through a lawyer.
I do plan on suing them, my family, a few media companies & publishers & some of their associates.

I have to speak with some lawyers after I get legal answers and I find out where Birch & Steve are and what’s going on with my cases. My main concern right now is getting safety & answers and closures in my child sex crime & stalking cases.
I think I found Steve Davis in prison in Utah. I don’t know where Birch Davis is or the Glasby brothers are. And they had friends.
I think Peter Clemente is currently in the FBI and we he is doing and did to me is illegal. I’m a direct child rape and torture and stalking victim. His behavior is scary I want a permanent restraining order against him. What my sisters are doing is scary. I don’t want them near me or in my life.
I will attach the evidence of the calls that started Monday morning at 7:59 am from Spencer Gordon to me where we agreed to meet at the courthouse and the original tone of the texts and phone calls.
He then later when he stalked ME & finally had to block him. He continued to harass me after I told him to stop so I blocked him.
I tried at first to meet him at the courthouse as agreed to try to resolve this issue of the truth & current status of my child sex crime case.
He and his employers & associates & my family and some media companies are exploiting my child rape & torture story and info I gave them, & my child sex crimes & recent police reports I filed, for their own gain and profit.
Their repeated attacks & assault and harassment and violations towards me & my privacy & life & rights has made my life a living nightmare & every day is wracked with fear and worry & I still don’t know what’s going on with my cases or who is in charge and what is the status & where my attackers & their accomplices and associates are. My sisters & law enforcement have lied to me repeatedly. For almost a decade now.
I am a direct victim of Birch & Steve Davis, Joe DeAngelo in around 1978-1980. I have a hospital record from 1980 & my sister was documented as being raped & I was in the bed with her at the same time. I was sexually assaulted & tortured as well. Later on, I was stalked by someone from 2007-2017 and another separate child sex crime and stalking committed by Ben Stein towards me when I was 12-14 years old.
Recently I believe Jim Clemente & his associates have plotted to exploit me and my child story and life story in general for their own gain. I believe my sisters teamed up with him to defraud me over my father and possibly my mother’s estates. I plan to seek legal action in probate court over my parent’s estates and their rights too.
I originally came to Jim Clemente in 2011 when I still worked on Criminal Minds and needed people to give me quotes for my book and feedback. He started giving me legal advice around 2014 when I told him about Ben Stein & Birch & Steve when he told me he’d report it to the FBI again then on a consistent basis in 2016 when I came back to him and asked him about Ben Stein & Birch & Steve and adopted Peter Clemente’s cat.
I had already worked on the show for four years 2007-2011 and did not want to work on the show anymore. I considered it a day job & the content of the show scared me and so I was not happy there. I worked at a restaurant part time and later on did catering because the pay I received on criminal minds was a stand in pay and it’s more like a daily contract gig and not considered long term and you have no contract with the show. A stand in is like an extra and can be fired at any time.
He gave me a quote for my book in 2011 when I sent him all of this information and he said he would like to read it and all of my life work and story was in this book proposal and I trusted him with it. I was not asked back on the show because I missed the last two weeks of the season because I was with family & working on my book & didn’t know I was in danger of being fired.
I got a school credit working on Criminal Minds and Erica Messer the showrunner approved it. I thought I was in good standing in the show & had never been disciplined except for asking for more work and being too “chatty”. I’m an actor not a stand in so it was not a good job for me and the content was really gruesome and I started having flashbacks of my own trauma. So it was a good thing but unexpected.
I don’t think I had contact with him from 2011- 2014 except we were friends on facebook I think.
I called him again in 2014 when the Bill Cosby scandal broke and trusted him with my child sex crime issues in 2014 but now I realize they must’ve known the entire time.
I realized I was in an episode based on the Ear/Ons/Gsk in 2008 and they played a sick joke on me when they gave me a speaking part that was cut in an episode called “ Catching Out” that was based on the Golden State Killer. I also believe at some point in this time or later, Jim Clemente gave my information to Michelle McNamara & Patton Oswalt and they used it for her book “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark”.
I was a stand in for four years on Criminal Minds. I think they’ve known about Birch & Steve & Ben Stein since before they called me in to work on the show in 2007. I think it’s a sick joke and my life has been completely destroyed by this evil behavior.
I’ve attached evidence & my numerous police reports to support my claims and emails from various law enforcement agencies, state sponsored victims advocate groups & personnel regarding the status of my case.
I have evidence against Jim Clemente, Peter Clemente, Spencer Gordon and their associates which constitutes harassment, fraud, stalking & exploitation and what I believe is criminal and violated criminal and civil law.
I demand that the temporary restraining order be dropped today because the statements that Jim Clemente, Peter Clemente & Spencer Gordon made about me are complete lies and defamatory and abusive and I have attached evidence to prove so.
I still don’t know where his brother Birch is or the Glasby brothers, who were our pool men and I believe are also be criminals. I am filing restraining orders against my rapist and his accomplices also on Tuesday, Jan 21st.
I believe I found my rapist and his name is Steven Dale Davis and he’s in prison in Draper, Utah. Erika Hutchcraft told me it was not my guy and my attacker Steve Davis was dead.

I’m filing restraining orders against some of my relatives/ sisters who I believe may have participated in criminal activity and committed crimes against me as well as teamed up with the Clementes & Spencer Gordon & XG Productions to defraud & exploit me.
They filed this restraining order against me AFTER I filed a restraining order against Jim and Peter Clemente on Jan 11th, 2019 for their disgusting, exploitative and damaging behavior towards me that I believe constitutes & violates civil and criminal law.
I can & will establish the required elements against Spencer Gordon, Jim Clemente & Peter Clemente to the courts that proves they deliberately lied about me & my allegations to them in their statements in RO 19VER000086
My allegations against them are completely true and I have records from law enforcement & other state agencies regarding my attacks as a victim/witness in the Golden State Killer case & I have several case numbers & police reports regarding my child rape and torture and child sex crimes.

They have demonstrated towards me and my life an unwavering desire to attack, defraud, stalk, exploit & violate me & my life and exploit my child sex crime story for their income/pecuniary gain.

I also believe they used my sisters & relatives as agents to deliberately mislead, tamper, intimidate, harass & exploit me and my child sex crime cases involving William Birch Davis, Stephen Dale Davis, Joe DeAngelo, their associates & separate child sex crime committed against me by Ben Stein. . See attached.

I have evidence of emails and texts that they lied in their Declarations in the RO filed against me (Case No. : 19VER000086) They lied about a few things in their Declarations to obtain this RO against me. I had already filed one against both brothers on Friday Jan 11th and they did not file an RO against me until Monday Jan 14th after I had already filed against them.

I do not feel safe from the Clementes and believe if they would exploit me this way, and lie so blatantly about their role in this,
they would commit violence against me.

Which is why I filed the RO’s against them first, and recommended to me by
Det Karen Widman at the Van Nuys LAPD in Dec 2017
See attached evidence and email from Detective Karen Widman at the Van Nuys LAPD Dec 2017 when I reported the Clementes to her.

I wasn’t aware of the depth & scope & trauma from this treachery and illegal behavior until recently, I have been trying to cope with extreme PTSD, plus the actual attacks by my relatives, the Clementes and their associates who assist them in exploiting my child gang rape & torture by Birch & Steve Davis & their accomplices.

My statements are not “wild and fanciful conspiracy theories”, per Jim Clemente.

They are based on facts & evidence from the Los Angeles District Attorney, Paul Belli, the OCDA, Linda Hernandez at LA City, Cal VCB Board, the Ombudsman from the FOIA office & there is now a new LAPD internal investigation.

My email was also hacked in March 2018 there there is an active investigation into that. See attached police reports. See attached law enforcement reports, letters and evidence from various agencies.

I have evidence both Clemente’s lied in their declarations about me regarding previous emails & communications I had with both of them regarding Birch & Steve Davis & Ben Stein & the baby/kids photos I found.

Both Clementes & Spencer Gordon lied in their declarations to obtain a fraudulent TRO against me on Jan 14th 2019.

Jim Clemente was giving me legal, personal and personal advice & for years starting in 2011 when I still worked on the show and he endorsed my book and I used his quote on my blog and also emailed my literary agent his quote & info for fact checking. See attached evidence.

I didn’t have any interaction with Peter Clemente at all, ever until about May 2016 when I was making arrangements with he and Jim & his son to pick up the cat.

Over a year later, after the FBI took over my child gang rape and torture case,
I contacted Peter Clemente in July 2017 a year later to ask him what was going on and I thought his brother was corrupt.

I emailed him and asked him was was going on and if he was in the FBI and if he could help me because I was really upset & freaked out and not sure what was going on. I still don’t really know.

I emailed him the Ben Stein photos I found and the info regarding Birch & Steve and what OCDA Erika Hutchcraft told me.

*See attached emails and texts regarding my experiences over the span of 6 years with Jim Clemente giving me personal, professional and legal advice and a personal friendship/ and later on Peter Clemente I was introduced to via email to make arrangements for his cat.

In May 2016
adopted the cat from Peter & Jim was handling the scheduling pick up times, I asked them to come to my house & drop him off.
But ending up picking the cat up from his son at a Van Nuys office in May 2016.

At some point around March 2017
I began to realize Jim Clemente & his associates defrauded and exploited me and my child sex crimes. I began to realize that I had no real closure on Steve Davis and I didn’t know where Birch Davis was or if he was really his brother and did not feel safe. I didn’t really trust Jim Clemente or was not sure if he had any ulterior motives but since was was a retired FBI agent, I thought they had a code and never thought he would exploit, attack, stalk and defraud me like he did.

I think he also used my relatives and sisters as his agents to assault, stalk, intimidate, defraud
mislead me.

In June 2017
I was told by Erika Hutchcraft at the OCDA office in writing, several times, or led to believe, I am connected to the “Golden State Killer” case and Joseph James DeAngelo.
Joseph James DeAngelo was at my home in 1979-1980 several times and was friends with my rapists Birch & Steve Davis and the Glasby Brothers were also their friends and our pool guys. They had other accomplices but I do no know what their names are or how to locate them

Peter Clemente Ben Stein & Birch & Steve Notification and detailed timeline

July 2017
July 26th, 2017
I emailed Peter Clemente about Ben Stein Birch & Steve Davis, Jim’s corruption Fox news & he replied. See evidence & his email reply.
I emailed Peter Clemente the Ben Stein baby infant & kids photos as well in 2017 and he emailed me and told me his brother was a hero.
I asked Peter Clemente in July 2017 if he was in the FBI and to help me or direct me to the right person and sent him 7 emails, which Jim Clemente confirms in an email as well on July 27 2017.
See his attached emails from 2016 & July 2017 as evidence. See attached emails & texts from Peter & Jim Clemente 2011-2017 regarding Ben Stein & Birch & Steve Davis This is a reply from Peter Clemente in 2017, a year after I adopted his cat. He denied his brother was doing anything wrong.

Current- January 11 2019-

Peter Clemente stated in his fraudulent restraining order filed against me that…

“ I have never received written communications from Ms. McGovern, nor have I ever written to Ms.McGovern. Likewise, we have never had communications by way of telephone, e-mails or text messaging.” ….

“ That was the only interaction with Ms. McGovern in my life.”

This is a complete lie and I have attached emails as evidence and proof.

My case number is 1786-07980
per OC District Attorney Erika Hutchcraft
Her case is the
Golden State Killer case
Attached are also the numerous police reports I’ve filed trying to find closure and safety regarding Birch & Steve Davis and Ben Stein. See attached evidence
GSK case

Some of these men were part of my child rape and torture with my sister Katie around May 1980 when I was six years old.
We reported our rape in 1980 to Boston Children’s hospital. I reported them again in 1988. See attached evidence & my hospital record from Dec 16th, 1980. I reported my rape to them.

Police reports;
I am a child rape and torture victim and survivor and also am a victim of recent stalking (see 2009, 2010, 2016 & 2017 LAPD police reports and law enforcement responses) My email was hacked in March 2018 so there is an active LAPD investigation into that .
There is also a current LAPD internal investigation regarding my botched LAPD Devonshire 2009 /1980 child rape report I made to LAPD Devonshire & Birch’s escape & ID’ing the wrong Steve Davis.
See attached letter from LAPD internal affairs on Jan 11 2019
I’ve attached case numbers for the numerous police reports I’ve filed regarding my child sex crimes and then being stalked from 2007-2017 from an unknown man or persons.

2011 Criminal Minds Job/ Jim Clemente

Jim Clemente personal relationship/ friendship/ legal advice/ endorsement-quote for book May 2011
Jim Clemente from Criminal Minds endorsed my book/gave me a quote for my book right before I got laid off/terminated in May 2011 and they still invited me to the work party at the Huntley hotel in Santa Monica, I did not go. I remained friends with Liz Kay Graham from the show & we had a personal friendship for years.
I was employed on the show from July 2007- July 2011 I think is when they called me to fire me.
I reported these men to Jim Clemente in 2011 via my book proposal ( my entire life story and outline and ideas) when he gave me a quote for my book in May 2011 and later directly in Nov 2014 when he started giving me legal and personal advice regarding my child sex crimes involving Ben Stein & Birch & Steve Davis.
He presented himself as a victims advocate to me and also as a supporter of my book when he gave me a quote in May 2011 to give to my literary agent, Jill Marr.

My personal friendship/ association started with Jim Clemente in
May 2011, when I was still employed on Criminal Minds.
It ended in March 2017.

Kirsten Vangsness & other co-workers from the show gave me a quote for my book too.

I was told I was fired/laid off from Criminal Minds because I was not happy there and did not seem enthusiastic about my job. Which was true. I did not like working there anymore. I did learn a lot but I was done with working on the show and wanted something else.

Criminal Minds Work History/ School Credit
I was given a role (one line on CM, which was cut, and a few years later a production assistant credit on Criminal Minds.

Around 2010- 2011 I also received a school credit for classes through Criminal Minds which Erica Messer approved and “Coach” filled out my school paperwork for the credit
– LA Valley college school credit through Criminal Minds. See evidence

So I believed I was in good standing on the show. I did not like working there due to the graphic nature of the show and it brought up my own trauma and rape and stalking.

After they called me & told me I wasn’t coming back, I believe Jim Clemente sent me an encouraging email in 2011. I don’t believe I had any contact with him again until 2014.

I think we were friends on Facebook but not direct contact until 2014 when I told him the Ben Stein & Birch & Steve story.
Jim Clemente told me to blog about Birch & Steve and to “let the world know”
see attached text/ email records. Nov 2014. I told him Steve Davis kidnapped a baby. It’s in writing.

In 2014
I called & emailed, spoke and texted to Jim Clemente on the phone about Birch & Steve Davis and Ben Stein.
I thought he would report them and didn’t realize the depth and scope of the crimes and think I was in denial.
And had no support from my family. Ever. I went to the police stations alone and had very low/no contact with them because of their abusive and sick behavior patterns.
See attached emails and texts regarding Birch & Steve Davis and Ben Stein when I reported them to Jim Clemente in Nov 2014.

Nov 2014 Thanksgiving weekend.
That same weekend or possibly the same day,
I also asked my sisters via text to call Jim Clemente & report them and my sister Katie told me she reported Birch & Steve Davis to Meagan’s law that day.

I told them Jim was the head of the FBI and he would take their info. I don’t really know how it works but I wanted my sisters to help confirm the story and help me get closure because I didn’t feel safe.

See attached evidence from my sisters and Jim Clemente, Nov 2014.

Book signing
The Den
July 2015

I was invited to his book signing at “The Den” in Los Angeles in June 2015
by Liz Kay Graham a mutual co-worker from Criminal Minds. She asked me to go to Jim Clemente’s book signing to pick up a copy of his book for her. Four years after I was fired from Criminal Minds.
Sometime around or in July 2015 Liz Kay Graham texted me and asked me to pick up a book from Jim Clemente at his book signing because she was unable to go and so I went to support him and his book signing. I was invited. and I purchased two books.

See Attached evidence of purchased book and flattering inscription from Jim Clemente.
He had already publicly endorsed my book and listened to my Birch & Steve & Ben Stein story in 2014 so by July 2015 at the book signing.
I thought we were friends & he was a victim’s advocate & in law enforcement.
I also told him about my literary agent dropping me at the July 2015 book signing because she said there were “discrepencies” in my story. Meaning that there was some sort of talk that my story wasn’t true.
This was almost a year after he told me he’d report Birch & Steve Davis and Ben Stein to the FBI in Nov 2014.

We had a somewhat friendship & I thought he was a victim’s advocate.
I emailed Jim Clemente AGAIN in August 2015 to follow up on Birch And Steve Davis and see if he could help me find them & I told him I was trying to find them.
Jim Clemente blew me off again & said he didn’t have access to the databases.

See attached evidence facebook emails

March 2018 Subpoenas
I first tried to resolve this issue by serving Spencer Gordon and Jim Clemente & Peter Clemente to his father’s Woodland Hills office address in order to get answers and closure on William Birch Davis, when I filed his RO in March 2018 trying to find him.

The Sheriff spoke to his father. See attached evidence/ attempt to serve subpoenas to Jim & Peter Clemente & Spencer Gordon.

I have also previously also filed a restraining order against Jim Clemente
(Case No.: 18VER001715) which was dismissed without prejudice
because I was unable to locate him/serve him and was sick from trauma he and his associates caused my life with their predatory scary behavior, stalking and assault.

See attached copy of attempt to serve Jim Clemente at Brynhurst ave.

I have since refiled the RO against him & used his work address., “X-G Productions”. I also filed new RO’s against Spencer Gordon & Peter Clemente which have been presented to the L.A Sheriff to serve them at XG Productions.
See attached copy & evidence of subpoenas in attempt to serve Spencer Gordon, Peter Clement & Jim Clemente to come to Birch Davis’s RO hearing in March 2018.

January 11th, 2019
I filed restraining orders against Peter Clemente & Jim Clemente and their RO numbers are 19VER000081 (Jim Clemente, McGovern VS Clemente) and 19VER000082 (Peter Clemente, McGovern Vs Clemente)

I emailed my sisters and told them I was filing RO’s against them as well and gave them an ex parte notice.
I emailed Spencer Gordon and ex parte notice and told him I wanted to file a TRO against Peter & Jim Clemente.

Jan 14th 2019
Spencer Gordon called me Monday morning see attached texts.
I was having severe stress panic attacks and told him I would file on Tuesday against him and to meet me at the courthouse Tuesday. See attached texts.
I told Spencer Gordon in writing on Monday, January 14th at 8am that I also planned on filing a restraining order against him for stalking and harassment and exploitation and sent him an ex-parte notice that morning at 8am (see attached)

I agreed to come to court asap Monday and met him at the Van Nuys Clerks office to discuss my issues with their exploitation and he completely denied my claims had any validity. I asked him if he was the person at Ben Stein’s RO hearing and he said you know who I am and led me to believe he was representing Jim Clemente at Ben Stein’s RO hearing which is harassment.
so I left and filed Jim Clemente’s RO to the Sheriff on Jan 14th, 2019. He also admitted to stalking me at Ben Stein’s RO hearing on Nov 9th, 2018 with Blair Berk when he posed at legal consul for Ben Stein.

Mr. Gordon continually stalked, harassed and assaulted me that morning via texts until I blocked his number, after repeatedly telling him to stop contacting me & we would work everything out in front of a judge, under oath.

Spencer Gordon stalked me at Ben Stein’s RO hearing, on Nov 9th, 2018 with another man who refused to give me his name. Spencer Gordon presented himself to me with Blair Berk (Ben Stein’s lawyer) in front of a Sheriff’s deputy as a witness and refused to give him his name when I asked him several times. * Subpoena/ask Sheriff Deputy and Fridaus Dordi for statements and also get a copy of the Ben Stein restraining order hearing transcripts from 11/9/2018

I also addressed to the courts and judge the same day during Ben Stein’s RO hearing that Spencer Gordon was in the courtroom and refused to give me his name, as well as the other man who was with him who presented himself as Ben Stein’s legal consul.


After I left the courthouse to file Peter & Jim Clemente’s RO’s to serve them,
Spencer Gordon then filed a temporary restraining order against me on January 14th, 2019 on behalf of himself and his “clients”, Peter & Jim Clemente
who are also his employers and were since before any of these issues came up.

I think he worked for them from 2011-2017 when Jim Clemente was still giving me legal & personal life advice and I thought Jim & Peter Clemente were my friends and victim’s advocates.

See attached stalking harassing texts as evidence.


Their behavior towards me consists of fraud, intentional misrepresentation, fraudulent or misleading legal advice regarding my child sex crimes & rape and torture, defamation, intentional interference with contractual relations
(my agent Jill Marr, I think she was working with Patton Oswalt to mislead me, see attached email) and intentional interference with prospective economic damage, to name a few.

Peter, Jim & Spencer’s statements and declarations to the courts about me, my life
and my child sex crime cases. Their behavior & actions & statements towards me has been misleading and without merit and their disgusting, abusive & exploitative behavior and assault/stalking has caused permanent damage to my health and life.
I will never recover from their assault and fraud and deception and wrongful behavior.
They are defamatory per se in that they depict me as engaging in activity that violates civil and criminal law, when they are the ones who attacked & exploited me and my brutal child rape & torture story for their income. I believe they used my personal information I gave them about Birch & Steve Davis and Ben Stein for their own gain.
I am a direct victim/witness in my child sex crime cases and my attackers are William Birch Davis, Stephen Dale Davis, Joe DeAngelo and their associates.
William Birch Davis & Stephen Dale Davis are criminals and was told my law enforcement agencies that the FBI took over my child rape case and there is an active investigation. (see attached evidence)
I believe Peter Clemente is still an FBI agent and violated my rights as a child rape and torture victim. I believe he used my information to supplement his income as COO of X-G Productions (“X-G”) a media production company co-founded by he and his brothers, Jim & Tim Clemente, who are both retired FBI agents and are now writers, producers & hosts of television programming.

I have attached the emails & communications to/from sent to Peter Clemente in 2016 and 2017 regarding the adoption of his cat to me and then over a year later, after OCDA Erika Hutchcraft told me that the FBI took over my child gang rape and torture case involving Birch & Steve Davis, and that her case was the Golden State Killer murder case.

I was told by Orange County District Attorney ( “OCDA”) Erika Hutchcraft that there is an active criminal investigation regarding my child rape and torture and also have FOIA letters, a letter from the Ombudsman and a current internal investigation with the LAPD regarding Detective Rene January. She is the detective I met with when I originally filed a police report about my rape in 2009 at LAPD Devonshire.
I also have a letter from John Morris at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office stating that the OCDA filed criminal sexual assault charges against one of my attackers but did not name them. (* See attached emails and evidence)
I also reported my child rape and torture and child sex crimes to Boston Children’s Hospital in 1980 and again to Lawrence J Peacock, a guidance consoler at
Tomlinson Middle School in Spring of 1988, where they legally documented my report.
I am seeking to get a deposition from Mr. Peacock about reporting my assault & Ben Stein to him in 1988 at my school and my sisters and sister Nora was also a witness to this (see attached texts) when I reported these child sex crimes in 1988 to Mr. Peacock at Tomlinson Middle School, Fairfield, CT.

See attached emails and evidence from my sisters & other witnesses who met Ben Stein when he did an article about my family in 1986 in Los Angeles and later on were witnesses to Ben Stein stalking me and attempted rape & me reporting it to my school in 1988.
See attached texts and evidence.

Spencer Gordon
November 2018- Ben Stein lied about not knowing me or having ever met me in his statement & I am re-filing a restraining order because of the lie he told at his restraining order hearing on Nov 9, 2018 that he did not bother to show up for. Ben Stein does know me and has met me and took photos of me & tried to rape me in the 7th grade. He sent his lawyers Blair Berk, Spencer Gordon & an unknown man to his RO hearing.

Spencer Gordon and the unknown man refused to give me their names. Mr. Gordon admitted to me on Jan 14th in the clerks office he was at Ben Stein’s RO hearing.
There was a Sheriff’s deputy in Fridaus Dordi’s courtroom was was a witness to us in the hall on Nov 9 2018 at the Van Nuys Superior court outside in the hall of the courtroom. I’ll ask him for a statement.
Spencer Gordon lied in his RO statement on January 11th.
“I have never personally met Ms.McGovern, been in any private situation, personal relationship or domestic relationship whatsoever with Ms. McGovern.”
He met me that morning, January 11th 2019 at the Van Nuys courthouse and also met me in person, at Ben Stein’s RO hearing on Nov 9th, 2018 when he was stalking me and harassing me at Ben Stein’s RO hearing.
He presented himself as a lawyer for Ben Stein against me, with his associate Blair Berk and another man who refused to give me his name.

Jim Clemente

Jim Clemente in his restraining order to me states;
“ I have never been in any personal relationship, domestic relationship or private situation whatsoever with Ms. McGovern.”
This is a completely false statement.
He was giving me legal and personal private advice regarding Ben Stein & Birch and Steve Davis for YEARS starting in 2011.
Starting in 2011-he gave me a quote for my book when I got a literary agent and then in 2014 I began a private relationship/friendship with Jim Clemente because he presented himself as a victims advocate to me regarding Ben Stein & Birch & Steve Davis and how to report my child sex crimes and get closure.
I also reported to him all of the infant and toddler photos I found tagged to Ben Stein’s facebook account and he was giving me legal and personal advice in emails and via text.
See attached evidence from 2011-2017 regarding my personal relationship regarding the cat photos I sent him to update his old family, personal and professional/legal advice regarding Ben Stein & Birch & Steve Davis.
His statements in his RO are false and defamatory towards me. He told me NOT report Steve Davis to the LAPD when I reported Ben Stein in June 2016 because my child rape story was “boring”. Throughout this time I was texting him photos of the cat I adopted so he could update his family.
I also texted him a few weeks after I filed a police report about Ben Stein & Birch & Steve Davis because I thought Birch & Steve Davis might be the Golden State Killers because of what I remembered about the Bull tattoo on Steve’s left forearm and he told me that his friend Michelle McNamara “died in her sleep” and that I may have “solved the case” He told me that I may have “solved the case” in June 2016 but I do not have a copy of that text.

Later on in July 2016, the Sacramento Sheriff Paul Belli & LAPD Devonshire cleared Steve Davis but I wasn’t sure they had the right guy and emailed them,
see attached evidence.
and already was suffering from trauma and PTSD from the Ben Stein issue & dealing with the child sex crime trauma that came up.
I sent Jim Clemente in several emails (June 2016 about August 2016) asking him for help with this because I wasn’t sure if I identified the right men in 2016 at LAPD Devonshire when they showed me a photo of a man named Steve Davis that my sisters helped me identify in 2009.
He blew me off so I thought they were cleared and the cops had already cleared him but I was uneasy and tried to focus on the Ben Stein case and get closure for that. My sisters helped me identify the wrong Steve Davis in 2009 and in 2016 when I realized they might be the Golden State Killers, Jim Clemente blew me off and I reached out to Francey Hakes instead, and she blew me off.
My sisters also were no help whatsoever and had no interest in helping me with the police or providing statements or any kind of encouragement or support.
I also emailed the detectives who cleared Steve Davis and told them I wasn’t sure if I had ID’s the right guy and he had a brother named Birch & a blind sister named Blair.
Around this time, my old agent Jill Marr of the Sandra Dijsktra literary agency emailed me and said a semi famous comedian was looking for help writing with a “transcribing opportuinity” I believe it was Patton Oswalt.
See attached evidence Jill Marr
I did not find out the real names of my attackers until Erika Hutchcraft gave me their real identities in June 2017 when I was referred to her by Michelle Cruz, who I found online looking for people in the GSK case who could help me rule them out.
At this time Jim Clemente was doing his first “CrimeCon” convention in May 2017 and I didn’t believe truly that my attackers were connected because I thought Jim Clemente had also cleared them in 2014-2017 when I kept asking him for help.
See Attached emails and evidence.
The man who sexually assaulted me is named Stephen Dale Davis and he’s in prison in Utah. I am also filing a restraining order against him today and his associates who helped participate in my rape and my sister’s rape. Erika Hutchcraft told me my rapist Steve Davis was dead in June 2017 and I believed her. I emailed her a photo of Steven Dale Davis of Utah in prison and she told me that was not my rapist. I believe she lied to me.
I was six years old when I was raped and tortured with my sister Katie McGovern so parts of my rape are blacked out but I think other people were there in our room at the time of our assault and may have photographed or participated in our rape and torture around May 1980 in Northridge California.
I was told the FBI took over my child rape case and my attackers are possible serial killers and/or connected to the “Golden State Killer” Case involving Joseph James DeAngelo and they had other criminal associates who were friends of theirs who visited our house on several occasions. Birch & Steve Davis lived in our garage.
I am also a victim and survivor of Ben Stein who sexually exploited me, stalked me and attempted to rape me in the 7th grade and traffick me across state lines for sex when I was 12 and 13 years old.

July 26 2017-
Peter Clemente
replied with my email about his brother, who I accused of fraudulent and abusive behavior,
and he assured me that his brother Jim Clemente was a hero. See attached evidence.
After Erika Hutchcraft at the OCDA gave me Birch & Steve’s identifying info in June of 2017,
I emailed a letter to Peter Clemente on July 26 2017
and asked him if he was covering for Ben Stein too and about his corrupt brother.
I sent Peter Clemente copies of the infant and toddler photos I found along with information about Birch & Steve Davis and asked him if he was in the FBI and what was going on and that I thought his brother was corrupt and had exploited me & covered for Ben Stein.
He never acknowledged Birch or Steve Davis or Ben Stein directly or any of my claims.
He never acknowledged if he was currently an FBI agent or a retired FBI agent.
My allegations towards Jim & Peter Clemente & Spencer Gordon are not “conspiracy theories” and I have the police reports and letters from the FBI/FOIA office and various law enforcement agencies confirming there is an active investigation and the OCDA filed charges against one of my rapists.

They have completely robbed me of justice and dignity in my child rape story and I believe Spencer Gordon should be disbarred and Jim Clemente & Peter Clemente put in prison for exploiting me and attacking me. They used my child rape information and life story and gave my information to Michelle McNamara & Paul Holes for her book “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark”
I will also be giving any evidence I have, and a copy of this letter to Joe DeAngelo, Steven Dale Davis, Bruce Davis & Alex Ewing in their RO papers,
because they are related to my child sex crime case that Jim Clemente, Peter Clemente, Spencer Gordon and their associates exploited for their income.

January 27st, 2019
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the Sate of California that the foregoing Declaration is true and correct..

Morgain McGovern

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