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Request for restraining orders against my relatives Jan 22 2019


I, Morgain McGovern, hereby declare and state as follows; I am a pet caretaker, farmer, actor, writer and performer.

This is a declaration regarding the permanent restraining orders I am requesting against my sisters Meagan, Nora & Katie McGovern, Nora Ackerley, Bob Ackerley based on their actions and behavior towards me that consists of fraud, deception, tampering, harassment, stalking and intimidation regarding my life and my child sex crimes case.

They have continually lied and attacked me over my lifetime about the truth of my rape and torture my Steven Dale Davis, William Birch Davis, Joe DeAngelo & their associates.

I do not feel safe and I believe my relatives are dangerous and sick, evil people.
I believe if they would exploit & defraud me this way, and lie so blatantly about their role in this for decades, they would commit violence against me.

I wasn’t aware of the depth & scope & trauma from this treachery and illegal behavior until recently. I have been trying to cope with extreme PTSD, plus the actual attacks by my relatives, the Clementes and their associates who assist them in exploiting my child gang rape & torture by Birch & Steve Davis & their accomplices.

My allegations against them are completely true and I have records from law enforcement & other state agencies regarding my attacks as a victim/witness in the Golden State Killer case & I have several case numbers & police reports regarding my child rape and torture and child sex crimes.

They have demonstrated towards me and my life an unwavering desire to attack, defraud, stalk, exploit & violate me & my life and exploit my child sex crime story for their income/pecuniary gain and rob me of justice and the truth.

I believe my Aunt Nora & Uncle Bob are complicit in the crimes by Birch & Steve Davis and they knew they were serial killers and prevented me from finding them and attacked me when I did.

I believe my sisters used my child rape & torture & sex crime stories & personal information for their own gain & income in the Golden State Killer story.

I’ve attached evidence & my numerous police reports to support my claims and emails from various law enforcement agencies, state sponsored victims advocate groups & personnel regarding the status of my case.

I have evidence against Jim Clemente, Peter Clemente, Spencer Gordon and their associates which constitutes harassment, fraud, stalking & exploitation and what I believe is criminal and violated criminal and civil law.

I have attached evidence to present to the courts regarding their outrageous defamatory statements and attacks & stalking of my life and exploitation of my child sex crimes for their own gain and financial interest.

I still don’t know where his brother Birch is or the Glasby brothers, who were our pool men and I believe are also be criminals. I am filing restraining orders against my rapist and his accomplices also on Tuesday, Jan 21st.

I believe I found my rapist and his name is Steven Dale Davis and he’s in prison in Draper, Utah. Erika Hutchcraft told me it was not my guy and my attacker Steve Davis was dead.

I’m filing restraining orders against some of my relatives/ sisters who I believe may have participated in criminal activity and committed crimes against me as well as teamed up with the Clementes & Spencer Gordon & XG Productions to defraud me.

I believe my sisters Katie & Meagan were given a car by my rapist’s relative Jim/Dean Davis of Riverside, CA in 1984 or 1985 and they rolled it off of cliff in Oregon in 1985.

I believe they knew how to find Birch & Steve Davis this entire time and intentionally stopped me from finding them and intentionally helped me ID the wrong man to the police in 2009.

I believe my Aunt Nora Smith Ackerley assisted my rapists Birch & Steve Davis and also sold them her green VW Bug. I am asking for a restraining order against her and want her to answer questions under oath.

I want them to never contact me again or be in my life in any way.

I am including their fraudulent texts and harassment regarding my child rape and they have continually attacked me with conflicting information and I believe they teamed up with a sleazy, disgusting human being & ex FBI agent named Jim Clemente to profit and gain and supplement their income by defrauding me and telling me Birch & Steve Davis are cleared and dead, when they are not.

I want them to immediately stop contacting me in any way and interfering in my life and I want them to answers questions under oath about the conflicting information they insist is true.

I believe they intentionally defrauded me over my father’s estate and got me to sign papers under extreme duress so they could sell my father’s rights.

I think they also defrauded me over my mother’s estate.
My sister Meagan has sent me several texts and emails with conflicting information about my rape & also an email from a reporter telling me that the FBI cleared my rapists and their DNA did not match any crimes.

My sister Katie denied I was raped when I was six, even though I was in the bed directly next to her when she was raped. I was sexually assaulted and tortured at the same time and almost murdered.

She is a disgusting human being with felonies and prison time on her record.
I want a permanent restraining order against her.

My sister Nora is also a disgusting human being who claims she hired a private detective and my attackers Birch & Steve Davis are dead and completely cleared.

I showed both my sisters Nora & Meagan a photo of Steven Dale Davis last week and they denied it was him and texted me a blurry photo of Birch Davis’s death certificate.

I believe they are dangerous, I fear violence from them and I am going to file a police report about my relatives after I obtain a TRO against my relatives.

I believe they teamed up with a disgusting person named Jim Clemente or Peter Clemente to attack, assault, defraud, defame, degrade and humiliate me and make me doubt my sanity.

I never want to see them again or have any contact with any of my relatives ever again.

I hope they go to prison for what they did to me.

I want permanent restraining orders against them.

See attached texts & evidence from my various relatives who attacked me when I tried to find the men who raped me when I was six.

I submit this declaration to document their attacks against me which include assault, stalking, fraud, exploitation, harassment, intimidation, tampering.

I believe my sisters are in contact with Jim Clemente, Peter Clemente & Spencer Gordon and/or their associates & accomplices known and unknown and intentionally defrauded and deceived me regarding my child sex crime cases involving Ben Stein, William Birch Davis, Stephen Dale Davis, Joesph James DeAngelo, Alex Ewing and their associates who frequented our homes in Northridge, California.
The Ben Stein attack was in 1986 at a separate location in Sherman Oaks, California.

My sister Meagan sent me a cease and desist last week and called me a conspiracy theorist. My sister Nora insists my attackers are dead and cleared.

My claims are based on facts & evidence from the Los Angeles District Attorney, Paul Belli, the OCDA, Linda Hernandez at LA City, Cal VCB Board, the Ombudsman from the FOIA office & there is now a new LAPD internal investigation.

In June 2017
I was told by Erika Hutchcraft at the OCDA office in writing, several times, or led to believe, I am connected to the “Golden State Killer” case and Joseph James DeAngelo.
Joseph James DeAngelo was at my home in 1979-1980 several times and was friends with my rapists Birch & Steve Davis and the Glasby Brothers were also their friends and our pool guys. They had other accomplices but I do no know what their names are or how to locate them

My case number is 1786-07980
per OC District Attorney Erika Hutchcraft
Her case is the
Golden State Killer case
Attached are also the numerous police reports I’ve filed trying to find closure and safety regarding Birch & Steve Davis and Ben Stein. See attached evidence
GSK case

Some of these men were part of my child rape and torture with my sister Katie around May 1980 when I was six years old.
We reported our rape in 1980 to Boston Children’s hospital. I reported them again in 1988. See attached evidence & my hospital record from Dec 16th, 1980. I reported my rape to them.

Police reports;
I am a child rape and torture victim and survivor and also am a victim of recent stalking (see 2009, 2010, 2016 & 2017 LAPD police reports and law enforcement responses) My email was hacked in March 2018 so there is an active LAPD investigation into that .
There is also a current LAPD internal investigation regarding my botched LAPD Devonshire 2009 /1980 child rape report I made to LAPD Devonshire & Birch’s escape & ID’ing the wrong Steve Davis.
See attached letter from LAPD internal affairs on Jan 11 2019

I’ve attached case numbers for the numerous police reports I’ve filed regarding my child sex crimes and then being stalked from 2007-2017 from an unknown man or persons.

I’ve attached texts, emails and correspondence with my relatives trying to get closure and safety in my child sex crime cases.

I want my relatives to never contact me again in any way. Ever.

I never want to see them again. Ever.

I also believe Peter & Jim Clemente used my sisters as their agents to attack, defraud, harass, stalk and exploit me.

These people in my story have completely robbed me of justice and dignity in my child rape story and I believe Spencer Gordon should be disbarred and Jim Clemente & Peter Clemente put in prison for exploiting me and attacking me.

They used my child rape information and life story and gave my information to Michelle McNamara & Paul Holes for her book “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark”

I want to testify against them and seek criminal charges against them and my sisters.

I will also be giving any evidence I have, and a copy of this letter to Joe DeAngelo, Steven Dale Davis, Bruce Davis & Alex Ewing in their RO papers,
because they are related to my child sex crime case that Jim Clemente, Peter Clemente, Spencer Gordon and their associates exploited for their income.

I’m asking for restraining orders against my sisters and Nora and Bob Ackerley for their attacks on me and the damage they did to me and my life.

January 22st, 2019

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the Sate of California that the foregoing Declaration is true and correct..

Morgain McGovern