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I, Morgain McGovern, hereby declare and state as follows; I am a pet caretaker, farmer, actor, writer, performer, blogger & journalist.
This is a declaration regarding the permanent restraining order I am requesting against Joesph James DeAngelo.
I remember him at my house in 1979 and 1980 and I believe he participated in my child rape and torture and attempted murder the night my sister and I were assaulted and tortured in my bedroom when I was six.
I remember him being in a police uniform in our front hallway around October 1979 and also visited our house in normal attire on other occasions near the holidays.
I remember all four Glasby brothers at our house as well during this time frame.
He and his accomplices may have photographed me and my sister. We had been stalked a few weeks or months before our rape because we saw men in our bedroom window, not Birch & Steve, but other white Caucasian men spying on us in the middle of the night in our backyard window.
They were in our backyard. Staring in our bedroom window. I was six and my sister was eight. We were both sexually assaulted and tortured that night by Steve Davis & I think Birch Davis & other men might’ve been there.
Our rape was reported to Boston Children’s Hospital in Dec 1980. My sister has a hospital record there that documents her rape and I was in the bed with her and reported by sexual assault to the nurses there. I have posted my throat injury Boston Children’s Hospital records on my blog. We were treated by Dr. John Graef and a nurse named Francie in December 1980 at Boston Children’s hospital.
I was strangled and reported a sore throat to the doctor, Dr. Graef.
See attached hospital records & police reports from 2009-2017 regarding my child rape and torture commited by Steve Davis & his accomplices, which include Joe DeAngelo.
I believe Steven Dale Davis is the non-secretor with a rare PGM blood type, not Joe DeAngelo. I also think his brother Birch Davis helped them commit crimes & participated in rapes. I think Birch is also a non-secretor with a rare PGM blood type.
I believe Birch & Steve Davis are related to Bruce Davis of the Manson family and their father Paul Otto Davis is the Zodiac Killer or connected to that case. I believe their sisters Belinda, Beth & Blair all knew.
Birch & Steve Davis’s sister Beth Bates & a woman named Karen Lackey attacked me on Twitter with my sister Meagan McGovern last year.
I will be filing restraining orders against them as well.
See attached evidence.
I believe Birch & Steve Davis are the men who murdered Caroline Nadine Davis are were part of the Santa Rosa Murders and murdered & raped & destroyed lives up North.

There is also a man’s name who I don’t know who lived with us in Woodland Hills that I call the Arizona Man who I believe knew or was related to Birch & Steve Davis. There is another man named Jim/Dean who had a car junkyard out in Riverside and I think he was also their relative.
I don’t know the scope of their crimes I can barely grasp it.
I believe my Aunt Nora Smith Ackerley sold her dark green VW bug to my rapist Birch Davis in 1979 or 1980.
I also believe the car man Jim/Dean gave my sister Meagan McGovern a 1960’s Peugeot in 1984-1986 timeframe with Oregon plates.
There was a Subaru later in 1986 so I don’t know what happened because I was aged 5-12 when this happened. I also believe Joe DeAngelo & Birch Davis are the Colonial Parkway Killers and/or connected to those crimes as well. Birch Davis has ties to the Maryland area and I believe he was with us in Virginia at Colonial Williamsburg in the summer of 1979.
I believe that Birch & Steve & Joe DeAngelo are responsible for Belinda Davis’s murder & her boy Jeremy Margarit in the explosion that killed them in August 3rd, 1980 on Cabrito road in Van Nuys. See attached death certificate & newspaper clippings.
I believe Joe DeAngelo or Birch Davis or their accomplices may have been the man or men who were stalking me recently from 2007-2017 via telephone.
See attached police reports.
I’ve included evidence regarding my journey to find Birch & Steve Davis to get closure and the various other disgusting people in my story who attacked and defrauded & exploited me because I they wanted to use my child rape & torture story for their books, podcasts and tv deals.
I believe Joe DeAngelo, Birch Davis, Steve Davis and Alex Ewing and the Glasby brothers were all at our house in 1979 and 1980 and were part of my attack or helped plan it. I also believe they may have photographed or video recorded our child rape and torture the night of my rape.
In June 2017
I was told by Erika Hutchcraft at the OCDA office in writing, several times, or led to believe, I am connected to the “Golden State Killer” case and Joseph James DeAngelo.
Joseph James DeAngelo was at my home in 1979-1980 several times and was friends with my rapists Birch & Steve Davis and the Glasby Brothers were also their friends and our pool guys. They had other accomplices but I do no know what their names are or how to locate them.

My case number is 1786-07980 per OC District Attorney Erika Hutchcraft
Her case is the Golden State Killer Case.
See attached evidence
Golden State Killer case
Attached are also the numerous police reports I’ve filed trying to find closure and safety regarding Birch & Steve Davis and Ben Stein. See attached evidence
GSK case
Some of these men were part of my child rape and torture with my sister Katie around May 1980 when I was six years old.
We reported our rape in 1980 to Boston Children’s hospital. I reported them again in 1988. See attached evidence & my hospital record from Dec 16th, 1980. I reported my rape to them.
Police reports;
I am a child rape and torture victim and survivor and also am a victim of recent stalking (see 2009, 2010, 2016 & 2017 LAPD police reports and law enforcement responses) My email was hacked in March 2018 so there is an active LAPD investigation into that .
There is also a current LAPD internal investigation regarding my botched LAPD Devonshire 2009 /1980 child rape report I made to LAPD Devonshire & Birch’s escape & ID’ing the wrong Steve Davis.
See attached letter from LAPD internal affairs on Jan 11 2019

I’ve attached case numbers for the numerous police reports I’ve filed regarding my child sex crimes and then being stalked from 2007-2017 from an unknown man or persons.
I’ve attached texts, emails and correspondence with my relatives trying to get closure and safety in my child sex crime cases.
I also believe Peter & Jim Clemente used my sisters as their agents to attack, defraud, harass, stalk and exploit me. These people in my story have completely robbed me of justice and dignity in my child rape story .
I believe Spencer Gordon should be disbarred and Jim Clemente & Peter Clemente put in prison for exploiting me and attacking me.
They used my child rape information and life story and gave my information to Michelle McNamara & Paul Holes for her book “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark”
I want to testify against them and seek criminal charges against them and my sisters and relatives.
I will also be giving any evidence I have, and a copy of this letter to Joe DeAngelo, Steven Dale Davis, Bruce Davis & Alex Ewing in their RO papers,
because they are related to my child sex crime case that Jim Clemente, Peter Clemente, Spencer Gordon and their associates exploited for their income.

I’m asking for restraining orders against my sisters Meagan, Nora, Katie McGovern and Nora Smith Ackerley and Bob Ackerley of Houston.
I also am requesting restraining orders against Quentin Tarantino & Patton Oswalt, Jim Clemente, Peter Clemente ( currently in the FBI), Spencer Gordon and any of their known & unknown accomplices in the future for their attacks on me and the damage they did to me and exploiting me during the darkest hours of my life.
I am also going to re-file a restraining order against Ben Stein for the current damage & pain & harm he and his accomplices have caused my life. I believe he and Jim Clemente had a previous relationship that included Michael Clemente of Fox News and they conspired to silence & intimidate me.
I need answers and closure and safety & my income reimbursed from the California Victim’s Crime Board and will be filing a Writ of Mandate for that as well.
I do not want to do podcasts or any tv shows or movie or book deals right now.
I just want to heal and I want my rights honored & the name of the persons who are working on my child rape and torture cases.
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the Sate of California that the foregoing Declaration is true and correct..
Morgain McGovern
Feb 4th 2019