Morgain McGovern Aggravated Assault & Stalking Email Hack California Victim Crime board New Jersey LAPD Crime Dates Feb 26, Feb 27, Feb 28, March 1 201 * Unsub unknown / location unknown *

Crime Dates Cropped Cal VCB Jersey Hack Civil Suit

Cal VCB Aug 23 letter March 2018 email hack and stalking claim date jersey hack cal vcb august 23 2019Bob Just lurking Feb 2018 scan mike morford bill thomas colonial parkway murders gsk lawsuit xg lawsuit jersey hack copyLAPD internal affairs complaint Jersey Hack  2.jpegCal VCB Civil Suit Request and address and phone info emergency award declined letter Cal VCB claim A19 769 1595


Here’s the IP address

Yahoo notified me

It came from New Jersey so it crossed state lines. The LAPD Cyber Crimes guy told me that the FBI has my email hacking case.

I consider it stalking. Which is also a crime.

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