Meagan McGovern Nora Gibbs Smith & Associates Nora & Bob Ackerley Declaration in support of Jim Peter Clemente & Spencer & Eric Gordon and XG Productions Paul Holes Contra Costa internal investigation

This is the declaration my sisters signed and submitted to the courts stating that Birch & Steve Davis were dead, and that they had given me death certificates for Birch & Steve and that I was mentally ill. They stated that Paul Holes told them that “Steve wasn’t their guy” and they did not mention Ben Stein at all. Spencer Gordon and Eric Gordon were granted a 5 year restraining order against me because of this declaration they submitted against me. The judge later on told me to report the perjury to the LAPD, which I did. The LAPD told me to refile the RO’s against Peter & Jim Clemente. I told them that Spencer Gordon and Eric Gordon suborned perjury in this declaration. I am not sure who the lawyer is who drafted this statement. A detective with the LAPD named Doerbecker told me that Birch was alive and he could not locate him. So I am not sure. I’ve never received a death certificate for Steve Davis. Ever.

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