Letter to Linda Hernandez LAPD Devonshire October 29 2019 Cal VCB Law Enforcement Relocation & Benefit Verification Form / Packet for New Jersey Email Hack / Stalking Request

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Morgain McGovern <morgainm@yahoo.com>
To: Linda Hernandez <linda.hernandez@lacity.org>
Cc: Victims Info <info@victims.ca.gov>
Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 1:19:26 PM PDT
Subject: Hi Linda CAL VCB PDF Relocation packet for law enforcement / stalking email hack claim A 19 769 1595 stalking/ violent crime relocation papers filled out… Cal VCB claim A 19 769 1595
Hi Linda,
I’m being stalked and was hacked for four days straight.
I think my email hack and stalking is connected to the 2009 child rape police report I filed with Det January at your office. It might be Birch or one of his relatives who hacked me and is stalking me or someone connected to Paul Holes & XG Productions
Can you please fill out the Law Enforcement Relocation Benefit Verification Form? I need it immediately I am being stalked and need to find safe housing and also I am getting evicted because coming forward with this story has disabled me and bankrupted me and I am not able to function or work.
I came into LAPD Devonshire yesterday to drop off my law enforcement relocation form but Officer Ardachuck said I needed to make an appointment?
See attached Cal VCB claim packet claim A 19 -769 – 1595
Can you fill this out and email it back to me?
I don’t have a phone right now and would prefer to do everything in writing.
Thank you,
Morgain McGovern
Morgain McGovern
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http://www.Yelp.com-Moon Dogs Pet Sitting

“Muddy Dogs And Grumpy Cats Welcome!”

Written works-“The Traveling Roadshow Of The Countess Maritsa”, a memoir.
Blog: morgainm.wordpress.com
IMDB http://www.imdb.me/morgainmcgovern



  • Cal Vcb Relocation packet for stalking for medical providers & law enforcement .pdf


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