State Bar complaint letter reply RE Jackie Lacey Xavier Becerra Jim Clemente Marsy’s Rights


March 8 2020

Here is a current update from the State Bar regarding Jim Clemente and his associates exploiting me and my belief that the State of California is violating my Marsy’s rights.



Letter from California State Bar regarding Jim Clemente and his associates ( Spencer and Eric Gordon, possibly Mark Gordon ( my old boss at Criminal Minds) and Paul Holes and others , et al ….


Here is the reply I received from the State Bar I plan on responding with a copy of the Marsy’s Law pamphlet with Article 1 s 28 (b) of the California Constitution circled and my specific rights they are violating.

State Bar letter complaint Jackie Lacey Xavier Becerra Feb 26 2020 Marsys Law


Marsy’s Law rights they are violating

Marsys Law pamphlet state bar statues article 1 constitution rights


I also have letters from Linda Hernandez from Mike Feur ‘s office ( who is the LA City Attorney ) telling me the FBI took over my child rape case and they told me to call the FBI who is useless and has demonstrated unwavering malice and negligence towards me.


Linda Hernandez FBI LAPD Dev La City attorney copy 2



***** I will post the Linda Hernandez / LAPD Devonshire / FBI took over my case letter here ***** I need to scan and add but copies are on Facebook on my timeline if you type in Linda Hernandez or #Calvcbnotes it might come up or scroll.  *****

There might be copies on here on my blog I have PTSD and don’t have time to organize my blog but if you scroll you’ll find stuff or if you scroll on my timeline and type in key words like Linda Hernandez CAL VCB #LAPD #LAPDDevonshire or Detective Argota or Detective Arellano or Det Doerbecker or Det January or used any of those combos you’ll find stuff.


I think the FBI is vile. Pretty sure I can prove it.



This is the letter I got from John Morris from Jackie Lacey’s office on May 11 2018 about

meeting with him about my child rape and torture and LAPD cases with LAPD Devonshire and my Marsy’s rights being violated.

LA los angeles district attorney letter John Morris David Greg White letter OCDA letter May 11 2018




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