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Erika Hutchcraft emails Ben Stein Birch & Steve Davis


Paul Belli June 2017 Suspects Triage threatened me copy






ErikaClearFBIemailcopy copy



Erika mentions Ben Stein case and says she can’t investigate him.

Why EDIT WEB COPY Haven't you called my sisters Erika Reply copy


Linda Hernandez LAPD Devonshire office

Linda Hernandez Robbery Homicide serial rapists August 2017 copy





PDF Files Erika Hutchcraft emails


Click on the links below to see the PDF files

First email

Persons of Interest

This is the first email she sent to me.

Email 1

Erika Emails 1st email PDF persons of interest copy


Email 2

Michelle Cruz Erika Hutchcraft email Pool Guy

Leads Overlapping


Erika Hutchcraft Michelle Cruz 2nd PDF email copy


email to Michelle Cruz June 11 2017

Michelle Cruz surfer pool guy email Erika Hutchcraft

erika email 2 leads overlapping Michelle Cruz surfer pool guy email

Erika 3rd email PDF June 13 2017 weird messages

Erika 3rd email June 13 2017 copy

Erika 3rd email part 2 copy


Web copy report tumbleweed effect Nice to see this reported position of power june 13 2017 erika


Erika 4th email do you have his DNA ?

Erika 4th email DNA

4th email part 2

Erika 4th email part 2


Erika Hutchcraft 5th email also cc’d Michelle Cruz on this

I told them someone was calling me telling me they were going to kill me

I did file a police report in 2010 with the Van Nuys LAPD and that case is still open.

Erika 5th email Michelle Cruz phone calls police report

Erika Hutchcraft 6th email

She said there was no DNA on file and Steve was deceased and had no criminal history.

I checked William Birch Davis & Steven Dale Davis criminal history in California

Birch had a gun manufacturing charge and BOTH of them had criminal cases from the 70’s it was on file at the courthouse records division downtown when I went to check. Birch and Steve both had criminal histories when I checked the courthouse records in Downtown LA.

Erika 6th email part 1

6th email part 2

Erika 6th email part 2 Birch is in Utah copy











Erika 7th email

Dad ( Paul Otto Davis ) is buried in San Bernardino


erika 7th email dad in San Bernardino

Erika 7th email part 2

I kept calling the FBI for help about both Birch & Steve & Ben Stein and they kept hanging up on me.

Notified Erika Hutchcraft in writing


Erika 7th email part 2 FBI keeps hanging up on me


Erika 7th email part 3

She told me to update my 2009 LAPD Devonshire Birch & Steve Davis police report


Erika 7th email part 3 FBI Ben Stein update 2009 report copy






Erika Emails pdf Coroner FBI 50 50 Codis read off chart ocda katie email about potato chip sandwiches


Erika Hutchcraft emails June July 2017 DNA


Erika hutchcraft emails Ben Stein declaration FBI email






Erika Hutchcraft emails august 3 part 1Erika Hutchcraft emails part 2 August 3 2017

Erika Hutchcraft email August 3 part 3 copy



Erika Emails Jpeg Coroner FBI 50 50 Codis read off chart ocda katie email about potato chip sandwiches 1Erika Emails Jpeg Coroner FBI 50 50 Codis read off chart ocda katie email about potato chip sandwiches


Erika Emails Jpeg part 2 jim clemente vulture found birch & steve at home ancestry Coroner FBI 50 50 Codis read off chart ocda katie email about potato chip sandwiches 1


Erika FBI Master Blue ink copy Birch Steve Davis DNA Surveillence full email






Ben Stein Steven Dale Davis Crime Report LAPD Van Nuys Detective Karen Widman LAPD Devonshire Al Franken Anthony Scaramucci XG Productions Francey Hakes Jim Clemente intimidation






I also included Steve Davis ( Steven Dale Davis) in this statement because I wanted closure about my attack from May 1980 and wanted to know where he was and were his brother William Birch Davis was.

Ben Stein tried to get me to meet him and spend the night with him in a hotel room when I was in the 7th grade.


Click this link below to see the full Ben Stein and Steve Davis crime report I filed about his actions and child annoying / child stalking towards me when I was 12 to 14 years old.

Ben Stein police report and statement

Click the link above to read my original crime report about Ben Stein and Steven Dale Davis.

I filed the police report on June 6 2016 and Officer Brandstetter took my report and the Detectives assigned to my case were Detective Householder and then later the Detective who had my case was Detective Karen Widman and I notified her of the child and infant photos I tagged to Ben Stein’s Facebook account.

I also told her about the intimidation and cease and desist letter that Spencer Gordon sent me on behalf of XG Productions and the intimidation from Jim Clemente, Francey Hakes and XG Productions.

I also notified the Los Angeles District attorney’s office about Ben Stein and the photos I found and they referred me back to the LAPD.

Detective Widman sent me an email on Dec 7 2017 telling me my case was closed and that I could go to the courthouse and pick up a civil harassment restraining order.

I also told her about Al Franken and Anthony Scaramucci following me on Twitter and I blocked them.



Anthony Scaramucci follows me copy



Sen Judiciary report twitter anthony blocked scaramucci al franken copy


Erika Hutchcraft Ben Stein NCMEC email


Erika Ben Stein NCMEC Jim Clemente Civil Lawyer OCDA