Texts to/from Jim Clemente December 2016 to March 2017

This is when I realized he was manipulating me. Around March 2017.

I had suspicions before, I wasn’t sure if he was manipulating me and exploiting me, but I thought since he was in the FBI I could trust him & I thought I was being paranoid.

But by March 2017 I realized something was wrong and I made a mistake trusting him.


McGovernFamilyArticleBenStein copy


Secondreferencetomyfamily copy





Ben Stein Jim Clemente car crash smashed texts - 15 copy







Allison Hope Weiner Tweet Jan 2017





Jim Email February 2017 Ben Stein Angry police cant help me



Ben Stein Jim Clemente Rainbow text maybe he does know  – Version 2






Jim shaming me feel bad for victims jim last text boring child rape police report copy 2


Ifeelbadforanyvictimsthatcometoyou copy






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