My 2019 Terry Rasmussen police report to LAPD Topanga when he lived with us at the Prasa Road house in Woodland Hills in 1982

Terry Rasmussen police report Dec 2019 LAPD updated


Terry Rasmussen police report Dec 2019 LAPD updated 1



I believe Terry Rasmussen worked with Paul Otto Davis ( Birch & Steve’s father) in Arizona. The New Hampshire state troopers legally confirmed Terry worked for a man named ” Otto ” in Arizona .  Paul Otto Davis is Birch & Steve’s father.

Terry Rasmussen sexually assaulted me at the house on Prasa Rd. when I was in the 2nd grade. He lived with us in California  ( off and on) and the Prasa Rd. House and at a house in Eagle Rock, California on Cedaredge road with a guy named Everett also lived with us at the Cedaredge road house

And before California Terry also lived with us in Stony Creek – Hadley, New York

and he lived with us on Centenary Street in Houston Texas.

When we were moving from Texas to California in January 1982

we picked Terry up in Arizona and he was with a woman and a infant and small children and we went to Carlsbad Caverns and then dropped the woman off at an Indian Reservation.

Terry and a guy named Kenny drove our moving truck from Arizona to California

Click link to read my Terry Rasmussen police report & statements I gave to LAPD Topanga.

Terry Rasmussen Police report Dec 2019 LAPD Topanga Prasa Road


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