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LAPD Business cards compilation

These are some of the business cards I collected when I went to different LAPD Police stations trying to get closure and info. I am compiling them and will be adding more but here are some for now.

I met with LAPD officers at various LAPD locations over the past 10 years  ( Van Nuys, Topanga, Devonshire and at the LAPD Headquarters in Downtown LA) regarding my current email hack/stalking case and my current LAPD Cases which are open with the LAPD.

Met with LAPD on 10/30/2019 and gave them a 2 hour in person Updated 2009 supplemental Birch & Steve police report on 10/30/19

This is the card that Officer Lopez gave me after I gave them a two hour updated police report in person about Birch & Steve Davis, Joe DeAngelo, Terry Rasmussen and I think I told them about the Ben Stein case and my email hack case and phone calls.

Officer Lopez LAPD Devonshire business card 10 30 2019 supplemental statement Birch & Steve & DeAngelo Rasmussen updated full crime report copy 5



These are my active case numbers that are open with the LAPD

Linda Hernandez at Victim’s services gave me these numbers and it’s her handwriting in the top left corner.


Linda Hernandez LAPD active case numbers LAPD Devonshire Oct 31 2019 LAPD HQ Michael Moore visit copy


I got this LAPD on 11/ 19 from the LAPD when I came in to ask them about my email hack case and my Terry Rasmussen case at LAPD Topanga

LAPD Downtown business cards phone numbers Terry Rasmussen update new info ordered new full crime reports with supplements copy 2



I met with Det Michael Boylls at LAPD Headquarters downtown LA and on the back of the card he referred me to Det Hopkins at Cyber Crimes regarding my email hack

I showed him my Cal VCB paperwork. All of the LAPD officers I met with refused to fill out my relocation form and they violated my Marsy’s rights.


LAPD Downtown HQ Detective Boylls Grace Naomi Pantoja Records Jersey Hack Cyber Crimes Detective Hopkins 34096 Ifunanya LAPD Van Nuys Boylls 35250 - 1 copy

LAPD Downtown business cards LAPD Devonshire Lopez update 10 30 2019 pdf packetLAPD Downtown business cards LAPD Devonshire Lopez update 10 30 2019 pdf packet



Went in to LAPD Van Nuys In December 2019 and told them that Judge Michael Amerian said to report Perjury to the LAPD Van Nuys at Birch Davis’s RO hearing on 12/17/2019 and then when I went into LAPD Van Nuys Police counter and told them that Peter & Jim Clemente Officer Benevides told me to re- file an RO against the Peter and Jim Clemente

Here is his card.



LAPD Van Nuys Benavides Clemente Perjury business card front of card copy

LAPD Van Nuys back of business card Clemente perjury copy



LAPD Business card back SCAN evidence LAPD HQ Downtown Grace Naomi Pantoja Detective Boylls Ifunanya Cyber Crimes business card Detective Hopkins Serial number 34096 1 copy






LAPD business card Dec 12 2018 products jim clemente civil

I think this is when I reported Jim Clemente to the LAPD and his behavior towards me.

LAPD Back of business card Dec 12 2018 products jim clemente civil









Linda Hernandez FBI email


Linda Hernandez Robbery Homicide serial rapists August 2017 copy