Paul Belli email ” Unmasking a Killer”



Paul Belli June 2017 Suspects Triage threatened me


Paul Belli violated my Marsy’s rights when he wrote me this email. I have an active child sex crime case / investigation open with LAPD Devonshire.

Paul Belli and Erika Hutchcraft were also in the “Unmasking a serial Killer” tv show in 2018.

I also emailed Paul Belli and Jim Clemente in July 2016 to make sure Birch & Steve Davis wasn’t falling through the cracks but I thought they would’ve told me if Birch & Steve Davis were serial killers because I had medical records from Boston 1980 and police report from 2009 and 2016 and were legally required to do so.

Paul Belli PDF Argota Steve Davis is Dead email Jim Clemente July 8 2016 Steve Davis Birch EAR ONS copy


unmasking a killer Erika Hutchcraft Paul Holes XG Productions unmasking a killer copy


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