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Mental Health 2020 letters from my therapists Summary of Treatment

LAPD denies my request for my 2009 / 2019 Police report about Davis/Rasmussen/ DeAngelo

LAPD Police Chief Michel Moore denied my request for full police report taken by Detective Rene January in 2009 and my supplemental October 2019 police report statement I filed at LAPD Devonshire with Officers Swihart & Officer Lopez.

“Two Suspects Were Prosecuted And Convicted”

I have three sisters and one of them told the LA District Attorney that I was never assaulted in any way. The CAL VCB / LADA confirmed that two suspects were prosecuted and convicted but never confirmed their names ( I know Steve Davis was there and I think Birch was the other man there but there may have been more because they blind folded me)  and I was never notified by my family.
My relatives covered it up and attacked me any time I tried to bring up finding them.  I repeatedly told my relatives that I was scared and wanted closure and that I was also sexually assaulted & wanted to find peace and safety.
  To this day they keep claiming Steve Davis is dead and not the Steven Dale Davis in prison in Utah.