Belinda Ann Davis Death Certificate Margarit / Jeremy Margarit Explosion / Paul Otto Davis / Regina Angela Davis / Beth Bates / Karen Lackey/ Hannah Davis Twitter / Facebook messages to me

Birch & Steve’s relatives started messaging me starting in January 2018 I think they were trying to intimidate and tamper with me regarding the statements & updated statements I was actively giving to law enforcement about what I remembered about Birch & Steve & their other scummy relatives & crime accomplices & victims who lived with us. Like Julie with her baby & Belinda Ann Davis Margarit who blew up in a building on Cabrito road in Van Nuys with her little boy.

Three Killed In Van Nuys Fire

15414 Cabrito Road


Says a guy named John Wallace was in critical condition

This was when her brother Steven Dale Davis was in prison in Utah for rape.

Don’t know where her brother William Birch Davis was at this time.

Belinda Ann Davis Margarit was the daughter of Paul Otto Davis and the sister of Birch & Steve Davis. Her little boy Jeremy also died in this fire, I think he was about 5 years old. I don’t know who the other man was who died. A man named John Wallace who was also in this explosion was taken to the hospital, I don’t know if he survived.

My therapist confirmed to me that convicted child rapist and convicted child torturer Steven Dale Davis in Utah is alive and well and Birch’s brother & son of Paul Otto Davis.

I had a good therapy session with my therapist yesterday we’re working on healing and taking things slow and excited to go back to school to finish my degree in Film and I’m going to make independent documentaries.

It’s weird because the California victims crime board wrote me a letter and said Steve Davis and another individual were prosecuted and convicted for gang raping a child in 1980. And they are currently in prison.

My therapist also confirmed Steven Dale Davis of Utah was Birch’s brother & that Birch is alive & in prison in an undisclosed location.

I posted Birch & Steve’s criminal records (in Calfornia) below.

I posted an suit advert for Paul Otto Davis. He worked at the Astro Motel. He was a Tailor.

Astro. Like in the stars and celestial skies.

Read on.

The first person to text me was in January 18 2018 at 1:37 AM claiming to be Birch & Steve’s niece.

Then my attacker’s wife Regina Angela Davis.

So this isn’t your child rapist husband and father of your children?

Because my therapist had her prison bureau friend check and she confirmed he’s the son of Paul Otto Davis & brother of William Birch Davis. She said Birch was alive & in prison too.

That’s weird because I remember Steve Davis had a bull tattoo on his left forearm and a Tiger and Dragon on his back and shoulder from when he was gang raping me & torturing me with his buddy in May of 1980. When he came into my room and attacked me with his friends.

Are you sure this isn’t your dude? My therapist told me this guy was the son of Paul Otto Davis and the brother of William Birch Davis. I have copies of their criminal records in California. In the 70’s and 80’s. For weapons manufacturing and attempted assault.

I’ll post those too.

Why did you delete your tweets to me, Beth Bates?

Doesn’t matter, I have the screenshots from when you were harassing me & tampering with a victim/witness.

So post his death certificate.

Karen Lackey Tweets

So post clear copies of Birch & Steve’s death certificates on Twitter. That’s the easiest way to confirm they’re truly dead.

Here’s my attackers daughter’s messages she sent me on Facebook. I was six when her father came into my bedroom and sexually assaulted & tortured me with his buddies.

So Steven Dale Davis the convicted child rapist in prison in Utah isn’t your father?

Here’s Birch & Steve’s criminal records from the 1970’s and 1980’s.

They robbed a Green Thumb Nursery in Newhall. It was in the papers. See attached newspaper clippings below

They also did some pervy stuff to 7th graders who were swimming at the park/rec center nearby. Check the Santa Clarita newspapers near this date.

Check out their Dad. Paul Otto Davis. The Tailor. He worked at Hong Kong custom tailors.

His name is on the bottom right.

There is an article about the Manson family right next to it.

Paul Otto Davis worked at the ” Astro ” Motel.

Astro. Like in the stars.

astro-/ˈastrō/ Learn to pronounce combining formprefix: astro-

  1. relating to the stars, celestial objects, or outer space.”astrophotography”


from Greek astron ‘star’.

Paul Otto Davis was a Tailor who worked at a cheap hotel in San Bernardino named after the stars.

The Astro Motel.

It’s still there.

Belinda Ann Davis Margarit Explosion Death

Jeremy John Margarit Her five year old son died too

August 3rd 1980

Death Certificate

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