Kaiser Mental Health Records / Psychiatrist Diagnosis / Therapist Diagnosis March-August 2016

Psych meds / Psychaitrist visits confirmation
2018 – 2019
Dr Conley diagnosed me with PTSD in 2018

So what happened to my mental health from March 2016 when I was seeking treatment and they said I was doing okay until a full nervous breakdown in 2019?

I told them that my family ostracized me after I started writing a book about growing up on the road with my con artist mother and the horrific abuse I suffered. These records also reflect that I reported Birch & Steve Davis and Ben Stein to the LAPD in June 2016 and they might be connected to the Golden State Killer case. It’s in their notes, because I told Dr. Vaughn.

In August 2016 is when I stopped going to therapy because I was busy running the pet hotel and the flasbacks and memories started coming back. And I was constantly emailing the LAPD about Birch & Steve and trying to find out if they were really cleared and what their locations were. This is also the time when Jim Clemente was giving me legal advice about Ben Stein & Birch & Steve Davis.

I think my mental health records prove what was going on in 2016 and to progression to why my mental health and physical health collapsed in 2019.

Here is my therapy history. 

I saw a therapist when I was 17 that my father took me to but only went for 1 or 2 times. I think my father knew that if I told the truth the Birch & Steve & Ben Stein story would come out.

I saw a psychiatrist in LA I think in 1998 or 1999 and they did not put me on medicine. I think it was with the LA County mental health department.

I saw a psychiatrist in Houston about 2000 and got on Paxil and again in Oceanside I saw a psychaitrist in 2004 and went on Lexapro. 

I also went to a therapist in Encinitas in 2005 or 2006 but don’t remember her name. 
I saw a therapist named Adrienne at San Fernando Counseling in 2012 for about six visits and later went to Kaiser when I had my own health insurance starting in March of 2016.
Here are my mental health psychiatry records & diagnosis from 2016 when I was seeking treatment.

I also went to my doctor at Toluca Lake Medical Center, Dr. Laura Conley in January 2018 and was diagnosed with PTSD and then went to LA County Mental Health consistently and was on medication from February 2019 to December 2020 and also saw a Psychiatrist Nancy Wolf in March 2019 and a therapist at Soultenders in Burbank August 2019.

I voluntarily went into drug/ alcohol/ Mental Health treatment at NSight Recovery starting on Feburary 1st 2020 and stayed there for a little over a week and then went into inpaitent treatment at Renewal Behavioral Health from Feb 12th 2020 to about April 22 2020 because I had a nervous breakdown and was abusing alcohol and marijuana.

I was doing okay in March 2016 & later on reported Ben Stein & Birch & Steve Davis to the LAPD in June 2016 and told Dr Vaughn & my therapists about Birch & Steve Davis possibly being the Golden State Killer and reported Ben Stein as well.
 I think I told the psychaitrist that Jim Clemente was giving me legal advice at the time & my records also reflect my family’s abuse because I was blogging about growing up in horrific conditions. 
I told the therapist & doctors about my family’s abuse & ostracization. 

Dr Vaughn referred me to an african american woman for my first therapist at Kaiser and that record is not in this file for some reason, I didn’t vibe with her well and then saw Janis Pasteur but stopped going because of work & painful flashbacks coming up about Ben Stein & trying to get answers from the LAPD about Birch & Steve’s locations. And my pet hotel was really busy. 
I also told Dr Vaughn about reporting Birch & Steve Davis to the LAPD as the golden state killers and I think at that point I thought they were cleared but still wanted to know their locations. 
 I was so focused on getting answers from the LAPD about Birch & Steve Davis & the visits brought up so many painful memories and work was really busy at my pet hotel so I stopped going to therapy. 
I hired a private detective recently & he confirmed to me in writing that Steven Dale Davis is the correct man and he’s the brother of William Birch Davis & son of Paul Otto Davis. So it confirms my family’s gaslighting and fraud & abuse.

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