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Daddy And The Birthday Cake (rough draft) Film Class Fall 2021

It’s good to write shitty rough drafts to get the story on paper and then expand from there. This story can branch out several ways from here.

I think I might do this as a short film and then it can branch out backward or forward from 1992.

I was a waitress at Red Lobster Valencia at this time & had my own apartment & would go visit my Dad sometimes on Cima Mesa.

Cima Mesa road twists and turns on a high mountain road at the back of the Angeles Forest, overlooking the entire expanse of the Mojave desert for about 200 miles in every direction

I still don’t know how my mom met them or how they came to live with us except remember picking them up at the grocery store/farm store where we used to get date shakes ( they have date tree orchards in the desert) in Littlerock California. It was around 1976 or 1978 when they came to live on our farm as ranch hands and some of their sisters came by to the ranch then too. 

It was when my father was filming the bionic woman around that time. I think they were hippies living in the Devil’s Punchbowl which is a state park area about a half a mile away from our ranch in the mountains. Our ranch was on Cima Mesa road. 
We had two ranches on that road. 
The first on was the million dollar one that my parents owned when my Dad was in the Bionic Woman and doing theatre tours, and then they sold it when they were getting divorced in 1978 & we moved back to LA to the suburbs in Northridge to Balcom Ave. 
The other ranch was at 9848 Cima Mesa road, which my dad moved into when they got divorced & he also had an apartment in the Valley.   His girlfriend Pat Garrett (who was married to a guy named Jim Garrett) owned the 9848 Cima Mesa road ranch.

Pat was cheating on her husband with my Dad, who was cheating on my mom with her. This ranch was about a half mile from our ranch on the same road. Pat got the ranch in the divorce, and then she signed it over to my dad for $1 and then Dad kicked her out and then lived there for the next 20 years. 
Then Henry Hill (the guy from Goodfellas) lived down the street at another ranch further on down the road on Cima Mesa road.

He and my dad became friends ( I’m not sure how they became friends, but they found each other. My dad was in the mob in the 1960’s) And then in 1992 Dad invited me to Henry Hill’s birthday party at Henry’s ranch and my dad had a birthday cake with a saw baked into it. 

They thought it was hilarious. There were two secret service guys at the party, Henry’s girlfriend who had a little boy about 3 or 4 years old, my father and myself. 

Anyway, back to the other story,