Mental Health Letters 2021 Psychiatrist And Therapist

Psychiatrist Letter June 28th, 2021.

I pay for my psychiatrist out of pocket, my insurance doesn’t cover her. I would see her more, but it’s expensive. She’s helping me understand the body trauma of stress and how to live a more balanced, happy life.

I’m probably going to have to see a psychiatrist and therapist for the rest of my life, but I actually like meeting with them. It’s helping me understand how much trauma I’ve been through and it wasn’t normal. And my feelings are valid.

Therapist letter

I have been seeing her weekly since April 23, 2021. She is helping me live a more balanced life and to find joy where ever I can.

I see my therapist every week. Last few weeks I’ve been really angry but I’m trying to just feel the feelings and still find joy and motivation to get closure and answers and live a peaceful life.

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