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The Traveling Roadshow Of The Countess Maritsa is a book & rock opera about about growing up on the road with my International gypsy con-artist mother and three sisters. We had a van, dogs, some cats and a house chicken.

Mental Health 2020 letters from my therapists Summary of Treatment

LAPD denies my request for my 2009 / 2019 Police report about Davis/Rasmussen/ DeAngelo

LAPD Police Chief Michel Moore denied my request for full police report taken by Detective Rene January in 2009 and my supplemental October 2019 police report statement I filed at LAPD Devonshire with Officers Swihart & Officer Lopez.

“Two Suspects Were Prosecuted And Convicted”

I have three sisters and one of them told the LA District Attorney that I was never assaulted in any way. The CAL VCB / LADA confirmed that two suspects were prosecuted and convicted but never confirmed their names ( I know Steve Davis was there and I think Birch was the other man there but there may have been more because they blind folded me)  and I was never notified by my family.
My relatives covered it up and attacked me any time I tried to bring up finding them.  I repeatedly told my relatives that I was scared and wanted closure and that I was also sexually assaulted & wanted to find peace and safety.
  To this day they keep claiming Steve Davis is dead and not the Steven Dale Davis in prison in Utah.

Roger Stone tweet to me / Donald Trump Ben Stein tweet

Do you think Roger Stone and Ben Stein know each other?

Washington Post Article

Donald Trump tweeted about Ben Stein 2 days before my RO hearing against Ben Stein.

My RO hearing against Ben Stein was on November 9 2018

Blair Berk was his lawyer and during the hearing I showed her a copy of the LAPD Police report I filed against Ben Stein on June 6 2016.

Also, outside of the courtroom with Sheriff Deputy Amerian ( at Ben Stein’s RO hearing) Spencer Gordon was present and refused to give me his name when I asked him and he was with another man who refused to give me his name. I met them when the judge told us to go outside and talk before the hearing.

Spencer Gordon and the other man presented themselves to me with Blair Berk in the hallway and refused to give me their names or a card. Spencer Gordon stayed silent and the other man who was with them said he didn’t have a card and refused to give me his name.

But I think they presented themselves to me on behalf of Ben Stein not sure. My memory is bad now I have been diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar disorder and was not on medication at the time.

I did not have a lawyer I handled my restraining order against him myself and filed all the paperwork myself. Ben Stein was not present and Judge Fridaus Dordi heard my case and dismissed it with prejudice.

In his declaration , Ben Stein claimed he has never met me. I have two newspapers articles that he wrote about my mother from June 1986 and July 1986 for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.

The Microfilm at the Main Branch of the LA Library was missing for this article but my sister texted me a copy of the first article he wrote about my mother and family.

They did have the microfilm on file for the second article Ben Stein wrote about my family.

See below I also texted Jim Clemente copies.

Here is the second article Ben Stein wrote about my mother and here’s the microfilm box from the Downtown LA Library Main branch.

I texted Jim Clemente a copy of the second article Ben Stein wrote about my mother.

January 7 2017 text to Jim Clemente that I went public.

The text above was from Jim Clemente about the creepy photos tagged to Ben Stein’s facebook account.

At the request of Judge Fridaus Dordi, I showed Blair Berk a copy of my police report I filed about Ben Stein with Van Nuys LAPD on June 6 2016 and also Det Karen Widman is who I sent the infant and toddler photos to. I also spoke with her on the phone about my Ben Stein case but I don’t fully remember what was said because I had a nervous breakdown from stress and was not on medicine at the time.

Donald Trump tweeted about Ben Stein two days before my RO hearing against Ben Stein.

I think Trump was deliberately trying to intimidate me by posting this tweet and I believe he knew of my upcoming restraining order hearing against Ben Stein.

This is from an online article from the Washington Post regarding Trump’s Ben Stein tweet.

Officer Lopez business card/Updated/Supplemental 2019/ 2009 Birch & Steve Davis/ Otto Davis/ Terry Rasmussen LAPD Devonshire report

I updated my 2009 child sex crime report on October 30 2019 with Officer Swihart & Officer Lopez. Here is my proof that I updated my child sex crime report and made sure they had their real names & the LAPD violated my rights and refused to give me any information on Birch or Steve Davis/ Terry Rasmussen (I have an active case/ police report about Terry at LAPD Topanga)


Officer Lopez PDF LAPD Devonshire business card 10 30 2019 supplemental statement Birch & Steve & DeAngelo Rasmussen updated full crime report copy 7


Officer Lopez LAPD Devonshire business card 10 30 2019 supplemental statement Birch & Steve & DeAngelo Rasmussen updated full crime report copy 6

My 1980 Boston Children’s Hospital Records Dr. John Graef & Nurse Francie. Dr. John Graef released me back to my mother.

Crop Blue Boston boston childrens hospital Dec 16 1980 Blue page 2


Boston Childrens Hospital page 1 Dr Graef records


Here’s a PDF version of my 1980 Child sex crime hospital records for your files

Crop PDF Blue Boston boston childrens hospital Dec 16 1980 Blue page 2 copy


PDF Boston Childrens Hospital white page 1 Dr Graef records copy 2


Here are my child sex crime hospital records. Dr. John Graef is the same doctor who treated my sister for rape and I reported my throat injury to him ( I was six and turned seven the previous day, Dec 15th is my birthday) and he ran a strep throat test.

I didn’t know how to convey that I was strangled and tortured I think I just told him my throat hurt.

Dr. John Greaf released me back to my mother,  and Terry Rasmussen was waiting at the motel.  Then we moved to Houston, Texas.



Paul Belli email ” Unmasking a Killer”



Paul Belli June 2017 Suspects Triage threatened me


Paul Belli violated my Marsy’s rights when he wrote me this email. I have an active child sex crime case / investigation open with LAPD Devonshire.

Paul Belli and Erika Hutchcraft were also in the “Unmasking a serial Killer” tv show in 2018.

I also emailed Paul Belli and Jim Clemente in July 2016 to make sure Birch & Steve Davis wasn’t falling through the cracks but I thought they would’ve told me if Birch & Steve Davis were serial killers because I had medical records from Boston 1980 and police report from 2009 and 2016 and were legally required to do so.

Paul Belli PDF Argota Steve Davis is Dead email Jim Clemente July 8 2016 Steve Davis Birch EAR ONS copy


unmasking a killer Erika Hutchcraft Paul Holes XG Productions unmasking a killer copy


Here are my recent mental health records, summary of treatment documenting my mental health / healing/ PTSD / BiPolar journey to wellness & rebuilding my life.

Here’s to rebuilding my life and moving forward.

The blog post is about my mental health and a summary of treatment letters from my psychiatrist , therapist and the program director about my mental health and overcoming the enormous trauma that’s been inflicted on me throughout my life and events that have recently transpired.

People can call me crazy, nutso, mentally ill until the cows come home.

Good thing my mental health and my health records don’t change ANY facts about my child sex crime cases. My mental health records don’t affect DNA and DNA results of the men who attacked me when I was a child.

I proved to everyone that I am open, willing honest and brave about my mental health treatment and willing to try medicine therapy & listen to doctors who helped me treat the trauma and pain this story.

I proved that I’m willing to seek and work with doctors for my mental health treatment.

I proved I will take whatever medication is necessary to heal from this trauma and I take my medicine as prescribed.

My mental health doesn’t change the email hack and phone calls, which constitutes stalking.

Doesn’t change my Ben Stein child sex crime story.

Doesn’t change my Birch & Steve and Terry & Joe Story.

Doesn’t change the fact that human parasites in my story exploited me for their own gain over the past few years.

Here is my summary of treatment letter from my psychiatrist Dr. Chagouri (he wrote me a letter for my disability application. I have severe PTSD & might be permanently disabled from this story or unable to function as I normally would because of the traumatic events that have recently transpired in my life)

I was running my own successful pet hotel from 2012- 2018 and some of those years I made over $50,000 while at the same time working side jobs and putting myself through community college, working catering jobs, and reporting my assault cases to law enforcement and it cost me my mental and physical health and cost me my home, my business and my life to tell this TRUE accurate story.


Good thing my mental health records don’t change any facts about my child sex crime cases.


My blog posts and my mental records prove I have BiPolar disorder (genetic or whatever) and severe PTSD due to various losers in my story who assaulted and/or exploited and manipulated and gaslit me.

I’m healing from the exploitation of coming forward to ex FBI losers who exploited me for their shitty podcasts.  I’m glad I warned others. I might never recover from the exploitation that happened to me.

Nothing will change that I have 5 active cases I have open with the LAPD about Birch & Steve Davis and Terry Rasmussen and Joe DeAngelo and the phone calls and the email hacking.

My mental health records don’t change the facts about the police report I filed with Trooper Chris Elphick of the New Hampshire troopers about Terry Rasmussen and Paul Otto Davis and the Davis family.

New Hampshire, You need to go back over the statement I gave you and correct your negligent police report. No wonder why Terry won.

Listen to my actual statement I gave you.

Let’s hope Trooper Elphick is a better cop then the shoddy work / facts he got wrong in his police report writing. I told you about an Native American Indian woman and a reservation.  I told you we dropped a native American woman and her children off at an Indian Reservation after we went to Carlsbad Caverns on our drive from Texas to California. We stopped in Arizona and New Mexico on that trip and picked up Terry at the Post Office in Arizona and later a Native American woman and her children and went to Carlsbad Caverns with them and then dropped she and her children off at a Indian Reservation and I don’t know the name of the reservation but she had an infant and other children with her.

I told you that William Birch Davis and Steven Dale Davis told me they had magic blood and that they told me they had a rare blood type. Like the non secretor kind.

I told you that I called Terry the Arizona Man because I remembered him but not his real name until something clicked later on.  Terry’s buddy “Otto” is probably Paul Otto Davis, Birch & Steve’s father.

I told the LAPD my thoughts about “Otto” too in my 2018 email hacking police report which is still open with the Van Nuys LAPD

Here’s to rebuilding my life and moving forward.




Michael Mordresky Ashley Adams Summary of treatment letter June 2020 page 1 PDF copy





Michael Mordresky WEB COPY Ashley Adams Summary of treatment letter June 2020 page 2 copy 2



Dr Chagouri Disability letter


Renewal mental health letter April 10 2020 Dr Chagouri page 1


WEB Copy Chagouri page 2 Renewal mental health letter April 10 2020 Dr Chagouri page 2 Eric Chagouri signature copy