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Open letter to Press and Law Enforcement regarding Ben Stein the pedophile.





I had a terrible, traumatic experience when I was 12 and 13
years old from 1986-1987 in California and Connecticut with a
celebrity pedophile/economist/political speechwriter/pundit/
journalist named Ben Stein who is currently a correspondent
with CBS Sunday Morning News.
I would like law enforcement or a children’s advocacy group/
union/SAG to start an investigation of Ben Stein and his
ongoing predatory, pedophiliac behavior.
I want to make sure that I clarify this in my statement and make
as clear as possible the urgency of this situation after what I
discovered recently with photos posted of children overseas
linked to his Facebook account.
This story and situation affects a lot of industries and

In my part of this story, we moved a lot and it’s over
a long period of time. I tried to edit this as clearly as I can and
cut down as much as possible.
Here is my public statement regarding my experiences with Ben
Stein when I was 12 and 13 years old and recently trying to
report him to law enforcement starting in 2009 when I got a
literary agent (Jill Marr, at Sandra Dijkstra in Del Mar) and in
2014 when I went to Jim Clemente to report what happened to
I have posted documentation about ongoing Ben Stein’s
predatory behavior on my Facebook page, Twitter account and
personal blog.
I started writing about Ben Stein privately in 2009, but emailed
a retired FBI agent and former co-worker named Jim Clemente
in Nov 2014 about my experiences being groomed and stalked
by Ben Stein when the Bill Cosby story came out.
I came forward to Jim Clemente in 2014 when the Bill
Cosby story came out because he was an expert in child sex
crimes and dealing with pedophiles.

I also believe I reported this in 1988 to my school in Fairfield, Ct in the 8th grade.
I want to protect other child actors and children in the
entertainment industry and expose his predatory behavior that I
had experienced with him when I was 12 and 13 years old and
change the way children audition in the entertainment industry,
and also with the people who immediately surround them in the
casting process and at all times on set.
I publicly named Ben Stein as a pedophile in January of 2017.
I believe he is still targeting children and child actors and he is
still has predatory behavior due to my recent discoveries online
and also another person came forward to me (via Twitter when I
went public with his name in January 2017) with their
experiences with him as well and her account of Ben Stein’s
stalking of she and her friends.
I believe that he’s a pedophile and/or predator and should be
evaluated by a professional and/or law enforcement and he and
his wife should never work with children.
I believe his predatory behavior and status conferral of the
media have given him an exploitative advantage over children,
because of my personal experiences with him when I was 12 and
13 years old.

A thorough investigation should be done with the photos I
discovered online linked to him, his background and his
employers and colleagues and especially any children or
children’s shows who have worked with him in the
entertainment industry.
Ben Stein groomed me, took photos of me at his home and paid
me $50 cash for them, brought me in for auditions at Universal
Studios in a quid pro quo situation with the photos, stalked me
over state lines, sent my mother cash to fly me out alone to
California, offered me gifts and shopping, and then asked me to
have sex with him when he was visiting a nearby city when I
was 12 and 13 years old.

Details and timeline
Sherman Oaks, CA House on Morrison Street by the
Galleria 1986
This all took place from about May-December 1986
We were on the road by Dec 15th from CA to CT because
on my thirteenth birthday and we stopped in Albuquerque, NM on
12/15/86 and my sister bought me a ring from the Indians.
May-June 1986 Sherman Oaks
Ben Stein wrote two separate articles in the Los Angeles Herald
Tribune about my mother and our family in 1986 (Articles I can
email you or at LA Downtown Library and also photos of
articles from microfilms on my Twitter) and I have
documentation and photos I can email you.

There were other
adults, my mother’s friend from Balcom Street, Jodie Avery,
who was there when he came over. I think Ben Stein came over
once or maybe twice to our house on Morrison Street.
After I met him when he came to our house to interview my
mother and our family and some of the random people living at
our house, he offered to help me become a working actor and
told me he could get me a job on a TV show like Charles in
Charge and audition for that show when I was 12, and brought
me in to Universal to Al Burton’s office at the bottom of
Universal Studios.

I thought getting a job as an actor on a TV when I was 12 would help my family out of poverty.
A lot of checks started coming in from people who read the
articles and thought my mom was a saint for taking care of all
these unwanted kids. Checks started coming to our house
because he wrote an article about how great my mother was and
took care of vulnerable children when in reality she was a con
artist and exploited teenage kids to do her scams for her. My
mother knew he was a pedophile and used me as bait to extort
money from him.
I was born in Los Angeles, California to a performing family.
My father was a Broadway actor which is how I became a child
actor. Most of my parent’s friends and all people I knew as a
child and my friends and siblings all went to auditions and were
performers and/or worked in the entertainment business or arts
so I have been going to child acting auditions since infancy and
performing is part of my human fabric.
My mother has borderline personality disorder and was
frequently arrested. My father was on theatre tours mostly and/
or working or not home and mother has been diagnosed with
borderline personality disorder and we moved frequently and
she was in and out of jails (and later prisons).
I have participated in arts and the performing arts since I was an
infant and later on was represented by a SAG child agent and
performed in an early Disney kid’s game show in 1983.
My love for acting is how Ben Stein exploited me, in the
There was an enormous amount of dysfunction at my home at
the time and my mother was frequently arrested and mentally ill
and/also untreated pill addictions. We moved about every three
months to a new house or state. Sometimes we would live in
motels or hotels and on stolen credit cards or stolen rental cars.
He only brought me in to audition at Universal Studios after I
had let him take photos of me at his home in the hills and his
wife (Alexandra Denman) was home that day and I met her.
She did not look me in the eye. She was in the kitchen.

My sister Nora and mother came to the “photo shoot” too.
Taking Photos at his house in the hills of Sherman Oaks, CA
June-July 1986
I think it was June of 1986 when this happened.
He took a special interest in me at the original interview of our
family at our house on Morrison street with my sisters and my
mother for the article in the LA Herald Tribune and I told him I
wanted to be an actress and he said he had a nephew who lived
back east who was my age and he would think I was pretty. I
was my mother’s “golden child” and pet.
He called our house a few weeks or days after the interview and
told me that he wanted to show his nephew how pretty
California girls were and wanted to take photos of me by his
pool at his house.

It might have been after the article came out and the checks were
coming in and we had groceries and everyone was happy
because they thought I was going to get on a TV show and save
the family from poverty.
He requested that I wear a bikini to take the photos but my
mother said I must wear shorts and and t shirt and he agreed.
My younger sister Nora came too and he did not take photos of
her because he didn’t think she was “cute” enough.
Ben Stein’s wife, Alexandra Denman, is on the board of the
California Children’s Law Center and works with vulnerable
children and she was home the day he took photos of me by the
pool and paid me $50 with a personal check when I was 12.
After we left, my mother said I should be grateful because my
sister worked at Solley’s deli and she had to work really hard for
I believe A. Denman is complicit with his exploitation of
children. His wife should not be working with children because
she was home the day he took photos of me and it was not
normal behavior of the auditioning process.
Nor is it professional for any producers or directors when
working with children to ask of kids in bikini’s at their home and
not in an office.
After I let him take photos of me, he then brought me in for
auditions at Universal Studios to Al Burton’s office and I also
met his assistant, Steve Stark, and read with him a few times and
kept in touch with him as an actor over the years.
I think I came in for 2-3 auditions at Universal in Al Burton’s
office on the first floor at the base of Universal Studios. They
had an outside patio where Steve Stark took photos of me at the
office for casting in one of their T Shirts for a show called
“Together We Stand”.
Mr. Stark was really kind and professional and supportive of my
book later and tried to help me find a platform but to no avail
and he said they passed on my story in 2005, this was before I
started writing my book and I have the email correspondence.

The recently tagged children’s photos of children and
infants in other countries that link to his Facebook page and
several articles about a pregnant woman he harassed on
social media and the internet recently are disturbing and
have all documented and can upload to you.
2014 when I went to Jim Clemente for the first time and
emailed him on Facebook and he said he’d notify the FBI of
what I told him. I don’t know why he didn’t tell me to go to the police and file a police report ASAP. A year and a half after I told him, he told me to file one after I told his co-worker, Allison Hope Weiner.
I have written about my experiences online on my blog
with Ben Stein at first not naming him due to fear, and
reported him to a retired FBI Agent Jim Clemente in
November of 2014 when the Bill Cosby story came out and
asked him to report to the FBI.
I met Jim Clemente when I was a stand in for the character
Garcia on Criminal Minds for four years from 2007-2011
and he and Kirsten Vangsness both were supportive and
gave me a quote for my book and blog after I got a literary
I have posted my discoveries of his predatory behavior and news
articles on my Twitter account as well and have tagged his
employers at CBS.
Sherman Oaks, CA to Westport, CT
House on Greens Farms Road (243?)
by ocean inlet (details in statement)
After we moved to Westport, Connecticut in December 1986
and into 1987 (about two or three months after the Universal
auditions) I was a student in the 7th grade at Long Lots middle
and elementary school in Westport. CT.
He contacted my mother via telephone and she spoke to him
mostly. I only spoke to him a few times on the phone and the
last time in CT is when he asked me to sleep with him.
I confronted Ben Stein later in California when I was 19 via
telephone and he pretended like he didn’t remember me or my
family after I met with Al Burton again in 1992-1993 for another
actor/producer meeting at his office on Miracle Mile when I was
about 19-20 years old and Al Burton gave me Ben Stein’s phone
number and told me to call him, I hung up the phone after
confronting Ben Stein and that was the last time I spoke to him.
Everyone told me to let it go because he was really powerful in
Hollywood and later on had his own game show on Comedy
Central with Jimmy Kimmel.
I believe he sent my mother money a few times for a plane ticket
to fly me to California to meet him and stay with him there. I
was in the 7th grade at the time. I think it was under the guise of
auditioning for roles. She just kept the money and stringing him
The last time I spoke to him in Westport, CT sometime in early
1987 when it was dark early outside and crowded house was on
the radio station every 5 minutes, is when he called and asked to
speak with me and told me he was coming back East to NYC
and asked me to meet him in the city and “sleep” with him when
I was 13 years old. I was in the 7th grade at Long Lots Middle
School. I believe he used the words “sleep in the same bed and
sleep at my hotel in the city” or something to those words but
basically I was offered a shopping trip and to sleep with him
overnight in his hotel room in the city with him, by myself and
nobody else.
He asked me on the phone, with witnesses in the room, to meet
with him in Manhattan and offered to take me shopping and buy
me gifts and asked me if I would like to sleep with him
overnight in his hotel in Manhattan after we went shopping.
I was really nervous and told him I’d have to ask my mom.
1987-1988 We moved from Westport to Fairfield
Hoydens Hill Lane or Road by the Black Rock Dam and
Golf Course
Red FarmHouse
I believe I snapped sometime in Spring 1988 when I was 13-14
in the 8th grade at Tomlinson Middle school when my little
sister was upset in the 7th grade and I didn’t want to leave our
farmhouse in CT and my mother couldn’t find a job and I knew
she was going to start conning people again. Weird people
started living in our yard again.
I reported Ben Stein’s stalking behavior to my school in
Connecticut a year later in 1988 at Tomlinson Middle School in
Fairfield, CT, because there was so much pain and trauma at
home and my mother was so dangerous, I went to the guidance
counselors at the school to tell them everything I knew about my
mother’s illegal activities, arrests, police, child sexual abuse,
Ben Stein and the trauma at home.
After I burst into the counselors office and told them everything,
the guidance counselors from Tomlinson middle school took us
(myself, age 13-14 and my little sister Nora 12-13) Got my little
sister out of class around 1-3pm and drove us from Fairfield to a
separate admin school building in Bridgeport, CT and were
upset at what I had told them and what my little sister Nora had
I think I told them everything and the counselors and
psychiatrist tape recorded my Ben Stein story, the grooming,
photos taken that started in Los Angeles and then we moved to
Connecticut and he continued to pursue me and sent money to
my mother and asked me on the phone to meet him in the city
and spend the night with him in Manhattan after he took me
I believe I originally reported Ben Stein’s harassment in the 8th
grade but due to the chaos at my home and now believe I had
some sort of trauma and shock and denial going on at the time,
we moved a few weeks later up to the woods in the Adirondacks
and not sure.
I remember my mom coming to pick us up at the counselors
office in Bridgeport and she was supposed to go back but we
moved right after that. I remember her yelling at me on the ride
home that it was my fault we had to move again but we were
already getting evicted from the farmhouse.
May-June 2016- At the urging of Allison Hope Weiner and Jim Clemente,I
Reported to LAPD and filed a police report about Ben
Stein’s child aggravation in 1986 and 1987 to Detective
Brandstetter at the Van Nuys LAPD Station.

When the Elijah Wood comments last year came out in the
media I contacted Jim Clemente again after a social media post,
and asked him if I should go to the police and file a report
because Alison Hope Weiner (a journalist and lawyer) saw my
comment on social media about being mentally and spiritual
violated by a celebrity pedophile when I was a child actor, she
and said I needed to go to the police and file a report
So I called Jim and asked him if I needed to and he encouraged
me to go to the police and tell them what happened. I don’t know why he didn’t tell me to go orginally in 2014 when I told him about Ben Stein.
At first I was hesitant and fearful to go to the LAPD and file an
actual report because of the stress, risk to my new business/pet
hotel, acting, my book, my friends and family, my reputation,
stress, stress for my family’s reputation and also my personal
safety dealing with a man of his status and predatory nature
because he’s someone that stalked a 12 year old girl from a
vulnerable, dysfunctional family.
I had finally found happiness in my life and pet sitting business
and but because of what happened to me I knew I had to come
forward about this horrible man and his behavior due to my
conscious and what I discovered recently about him.
This year 2017 have come forward publicly with his name and
have tried to email all news outlets that he has worked for and
also his wife is on the board of the California Children’s Law
Center and works with vulnerable children.
My sister Nora and most of my family relatives have recovered
from growing up in a dysfunctional family, and will confirm
what I have written and have become reputable characters and
are productive, kind members of society, triumphing over a lot
of problems and survivors themselves of enormous trauma of
growing up in a dysfunctional family.
I own a pet hotel and have a thriving, happy pet sitting business
and live on an urban farm in LA and have 5 star reviews on Yelp
for my business, Moon Dogs Urban Farm.
I have reported this in 2016 at the urging of Allison Hope Weiner after the Elijah Wood comments regarding Hollywood pedophiles preying on child actorsand given a statement to the police at the Van Nuys police station to Detective Brandstetter and have all the
documentation as well but so far they have done nothing and
said there is nothing they can do because of the statue of
Connecticut has a 30 year law of some sort of child
exploitation of some sort but not sure and it would have to be
filed this year because it happened in 1986-1987

Please let me know the best way to proceed with this and
making sure he doesn’t work with children and hasn’t harmed
any or can harm any more kids.
Thank you,
Morgain McGovern



Late on Sepulveda

gleaming brown bodies sway, 

women of the night

reflect the light

of helicopters hunting its prey. 

Circling and circling,

deep dives and swims

sea creatures of the air

hunt the pilgrim.

Blue night

killer whales of the sky

take deep breaths 

and plunge from up high

illuminating the lawn

and junkie eye

Flickers of hope

Rhythmic beating


heart full of dope

They came to save her

But I know better. 

~Morgain McGovern

May 2012